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Top Idaho Builders- Ada County, September 2016

Main Top Idaho Builders

Who is building the most homes in the Boise market? Another exclusive report from Build Idaho: Boise's Ultimate Home Search!

Top Boise Builders

September 2016

company name Builder Office Location units
CBH Homes/Corey Barton Homes Inc Corey Barton Meridian 32
Brighton Homes Idaho Inc Brad Easterday Boise 17
Tahoe Homes Jake Centers Eagle 17
Boise Hunter Homes James Hunter Eagle 16
Coleman Homes Thomas Coleman Meridian 14
Hubble Homes LLC Don Hubble Meridian 9
Alturas Const Blake Hansen Eagle 8
Todd Campbell Const Inc Todd Campbell Garden City 7
Hayden Homes Idaho LLC Rich Beaman Redmond 7
Tresidio Homes/Tresidio Corp Jon Hastings Boise 6
Biltmore Co Kevin Amar Meridian 6
Hallmark Homes Brad Dildine Meridian 5
Stetson Homes Stan Ray Eagle 4
Roth Homes Steve Roth Eagle 4
Ted Mason Signature Homes Inc Ted Mason Boise 3
Amyx Signature Homes Todd Amyx Boise 3
Tradewinds General Contracting Steve Martinez Boise 3
Shadow Mountain Const Donald Flynn Eagle 2
Berkeley Building Co Inc Joe Atalla Meridian 2
Ninety Degree Const Dan Bureau Boise 2
Heinz Built Homes LLC Chris Heinz Eagle 2
Eaglewood Homes Abram Neider Meridian 2
Zach Evans Construction Inc Zach Evans Garden City 2
Clyde Dev Inc James Clyde Eagle 2
Boise Building Co LLC John McBride Meridian 2
Downey Const Kevin Downey Eagle 2
2 North Homes LLC Michael Jobes Boise 2
Valli-Hi Custom Homes LLC Michael Caven Eagle 2
Hammett Homes Jay Ross Eagle 2


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