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5 Reaons Fall is a great time to sell your home

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Currently, the local real estate conditions are creating urgency because there are few homes for sale and interest rates are low but that is just the begining.

We start working with many clients over a year out and they are able to see how fast many homes sell in the Boise marketing place. When Home Buyers start to actively look and are laser focused to buy something and can’t find something they want, they start to develop frustration.

Part of the reason there is a lack of inventory of homes ofor sale is that currently kids are back in school and playing sports so someone might feel they do not have time to prepare their home for sale. Also, the holidays are coming and many do not want to fool with the additional hastle. Typically, many sellers consider listing their home after the first of the year or next spring.

Some may want to re-think that startegy because of the faster pace of sales real estate is experienceing across the Treasure Valley.  Many buyers are ready to purchase right now and are actively monitoring property listings for “that one perfect home” and will jump on a great hous.

Here are some reasons to consider why selling now is a great idea!

  1. Low inventory
    There are a shortage of homes for sale This creates a highly desirable atmosphere to attain the best possible price and terms for a home if sellers prep for sale the right way. Can you say bidding war?
  2. Home Values are Appreciating
    Here is a look at how home values in the Boise area have changed over the last 10 years. The chart represents average quarterly home values of NEW and EXISTING homes sold. As you can see, home values are on the rise.
    Boise Idaho Home Values
  3. Interest Rates are so Low, it is incredible.
    Interest rates are hovering around the 3.5% which makes the cost of borrowing money incredibly attractive. Talk a local loan professional about the numerous programs currently being offered.
  4. New construction is HOT!
    Lots of new home options are being built across the Treasure Valley offering everything from condominiums & townhomes to waterdront estatelost. Builders are creating choices, including multigenerational housing and those looking to downsize. With healthy appreciation and low interest rates, sellers might be pleasantly surprised to find that a new home could be more affordable than they previously thought.
  5. Homes for sale with ‘Wow’ Factor technology and marketing tools.
    Build Idaho provides the highest marketing value to our clients including the technology that we offer in partnership with Sotheby's International Realty. We want to present our client's home to make the best impression with maximum exposure including Boise's #1 real estate website.

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