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Realty and Mortgage FAQ's: Go to a Lender Before Home Shopping Main Boise Real Estate

Rebecca Oparnico and Jesus Tarifa talk about why it's important to talk with a lender before shopping for a home.

It's sad to say but many home buyers in the market get swept up with looking at homes. See the new and shiny is fun but ultimately can be the start of a sad story. It's all too common for home buyers to fall in love with a home just to have it be sold to someone else. The problem here is not talking to Lender like Jesus Tarifa of Idaho Central Credit Union first. He can get you pre-approved and with a loan that works best for you and your situation.

After that Rebecca Oparnico will take you to se homes within the budget and that will fulfill your needs. She has great negotiation skills and can get you the home that's right for you.

Here is your todo list:

Step one: Talk to Jesus Tarifa about home Loans
Step two: Talk with Rebecca Oparnico and find your next home.

Posted by Joey at 12/9/2016 5:33:00 PM

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