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Many people move to Boise for the Lifestyle! With over 300 sunny days a year to enjoy, the Foothills, Boise River, Snake River, Boise Greenbelt, the desert and everything in between and around it is a no wonder we are growing in popularity.

Here are some thoughts for hiking:

Boise: Camel’s Back Park.  This is located in Hyde Park in Boise.  We love the feel of this area…small townish, tight community.  The park there has a really nice greenspace, tennis courts, hiking/biking trails, and a playground for kids.  I short hike up Camel’s back hill yields a great view of Boise.  

That is just the beginning there, when you’re done you can grab a meal at one of the fun restaurants on 13th, or stop in at Java - Hyde Park for some great coffee, and an awesome atmosphere.  If you like breakfast foods, their menu is great, and they make the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had!

Hulls Gulch:  This is also somewhat of an iconic photo opportunity location.

Table Rock:  Table Rock is home to the big white cross you can see from just about anywhere in Boise.  The hike up is fun and gives you another great view of Boise!  Near the foot of Table Rock is the Botanical Gardens, a nice place for a quiet walk, and the old Penitentiary is home to many concerts over the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Typically they will have local wineries and catering trucks there for food and drink during the shows. 

Fort Boise trails:  Another place to check out.  I have not tried them.

Silvercreek Plunge has been recommended to me, but I’ve never been.

Idaho City Hot Springs:  This location has been calling my name for a few years since it was renovated.  I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it, but my wife and I have not made it out there yet.

Here are 3 more amazing hikes you could look at putting on your list depending on the amount of time you have. A couple of these are snippets of the trail from a site that wants you to buy the trail map from them. If one of those looks interesting to you just google the trail name and you will get all the info for free you probably need.

Most of all of these you will need the warm weather back.

Mark I love this area in Valley County before you get to McCall. The day hike to Boulder Lake is an easy and beautiful hike that many folks do. But tying it into the Louie Lake Route and staying overnight at Louie Lake is pretty cool. Also the hiking off that main trailhead to all the other high Mt. lakes in the area is pretty awesome.

Louie Lake

To reach the trailhead turn east off Highway 55 at the Elo (Farm-to-Market) Road. Stay on this road until you see a sign for Boulder Lake and turn east again. The Louie Lake trailhead is about 4 miles up the road on the right just before the Boulder Meadows Reservoir. Walk through the trees to Boulder Creek that is crossed on logs. The trail then climbs 300 feet through huckleberry bushes to intersect with the Louie Lake jeep trail at 0.5 mile. Louie Lake is 1 mile further up the trail. Although the trail is a pretty steady uphill walk it is an easily followed trail and does afford some good views of Long Valley far below and some excellent picture taking. Elevation gain is 735'. Louie is a beautiful deep-blue lake with the gray cliffs of Jughandle Mountain overlooking it. The lake contains two small granite islands. The truly ambitious can take off around the southeastern part of the lake to climb Jughandle Mountain itself. Louie Lake has an elevation of 7004' and Jughandle is 8310'. The climb up Jughandle requires expert skills. (Trail Difficulty - Easy)

Boulder Lake

Boulder Lake is a popular destination for anglers. To get to the trail park your car below Boulder Meadows Reservoir; the trail goes along the north side of Boulder Meadows Reservoir (elevation 6269'). The trail is 2 miles long with an elevation gain of about 700 feet. The trail climbs slowly until just before the lake where you follow a few steep switchbacks amongst the rocks. Boulder (elevation 6973') is a good fishing lake. This trailhead is access for several other good hiking areas for those of you who want a long hike or plan on staying out for several days. Anderson, Maloney, Summit, Rapid, Fogg, and the Kennally Lakes are all accessible from this trail. (Trail Difficulty - Easy)

I love the Sawtooth mountains, some of the prettiest places in the world!  Around Boise we like to hike Hulls Gulch and Bob’s trail.  I can’t remember the names of the trails, but there is good hiking off of Cartwright road.  There is a book you can check out from the library that has all the hikes around the Boise area.

Trinity Lakes. My favorite place.

Jump Creek – out past Marsing. Not a long hike but has a canyon that dead ends on a water fall and swimming hole. Pretty cool.

If you’re into biking:

Road Biking:  

I just joined the Lactic Acid Cycling Club.  They have lots of events and a really fun and welcoming group of members.

Mountain Biking:

The Eagle Bike Park is fun, with a BMX track, Mountain Bike Park, and many fun trails.  There is also a skateboard park, roller hockey rink, and basketball courts.

Bogus Basin: Bogus has some mountain biking opportunities.  I love to support Bogus as it is non-profit, local and nearby!

Tamarack has just upgraded their bike park:

Sagehen Reservoir:  Recommendation from a friend.  Sagehen reservoir is awesome. You can get there by going through Sweet-Ola, or taking a left from Cougar Mtn Lodge on Hwy55.  It is a non-motorized lake I think and there is an awesome trail that goes all the way around for hiking or bicycling

Here is a good site to check for happenings in Boise:

Ideas from KaLinn Dishion:

  1. Rocky Canyon – Watchman’s Trail
  2. Swan Falls to Celebration Falls

Mark Stevens, Sotheby's International Realty. Boise Idaho Real Estate AgentMark Stevens


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