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Once you know what land you want to buy, take into consideration the costs involved to develop it before you make an offer. If you are looking at two pieces of land for approximately the same price and size, but one will require a well and septic system and significant excavation to meet the needs of your home,


If you choose to buy property that does not have utilities, you will be responsible for cost and effort to bring them onto your land. This includes power, water, gas if it is available or propane as an alternate, telephone, cable and probably our number one concern now days is access to the INTERNET. Contact the local utilities in your area to determine what it will take to do this. For many properties in more rural areas, water is not available to be run into the property so you will need to drill a well and install a septic system.

Wells must be built to tap into and deliver sanitary water. They must be drilled deep enough so that the water comes from an aquifer or layer of saturated soil. Generally, I find the best reference is the local well driller for costs and estimates on depth; buyer be aware that you pay for the drilling even if water is not hit. The well being drilled is one cost and then there is the cost of the pump and pressure tank. Some properties have great ‘springs’, just be aware that many lenders still require a well if a loan is needed.

Septic system, you should be assured most modern septic systems function in a clean and efficient manner and are regulated by local agencies that closely monitor the design and installation. Note: Not all land will “perk” properly. Meaning, it must be tested for compatibility with a septic system and this needs a permit that can be submitted quickly or can take up to several months because of the evaluation process. 

Power costs can be figured with help from the local company.  Costs will depend on how far it is to the closest power source and if the customer wants the lines to be ran overhead or in the ground, when given the option.

Excavation and materials for the road or driveway. Having an experienced contractor to bid for proper drainage and compaction whether it’s kept gravel or asphalt can be imperative in some of the areas here in rural Idaho because of the occasional snow build up we might get!

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