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Tips for a Successful Home Tour

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Going to see a home in person is a well advised step in finding a home, you can only learn so much online?

  1. Bring a camera, notebook & tape measure
    You think you'll remember everything but you won't. Compare the home's dimensions to your couch, dining table and guest bed.
  2. See how much sunlight the place gets
    Visit during the day. Imagine the trees with leaves – they may block your view, or provide some welcome shade.
  3. Check the bathrooms
    Look for mold on the ceiling above the shower, along the baseboards by the tub.
  4. Look for wavy or discolored wood siding on the exterior
    The western walls gets the most sun in Boise.
  5. Make sure water spouts drain away from the house
    Water gushing from the roof may cause water damage in the foundation.
  6. Take stock of the storage space
    Moving day is a bad time to realize there's no room for your hockey gear.
  7. Turn off any music playing in the home
    So you can gauge road noise and airplane traffic.
  8. Check for hardwood floors
    Lift a corner of the carpet by the heating vent.
  9. Peek into the attic
    There should be plenty of insulation.
  10. Bring a marble or two
    If you want to make sure the floors are level.
  11. When sharing a wall, make sure it's thick
    In condos with several units for sale, ask a friend to flush the toilet or walk the floor of the unit upstairs.
  12. Ignore the appliances & carpets
    They're easy to replace. Focus on location first, the structure second.
  13. Check the closets
    If the seller still lives there, he might be in less of a hurry to sell.
  14. Get the disclosure packet
    Look for lead-based paint, asbestos, wiring that needs to be replaced.
  15. Compare the property's tax records to the listing details
    If there are discrepancies in the square footage, bedrooms or bathrooms, then look for evidence of a remodel since the last sale. Other sellers just stretch the truth.
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