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Most people recognize that there are different types of builders. When working with clients we really try to understand exactly what they are looking for. Some want a custom home but want to get the most for their money as opposed to a higher caliber home with all the bells and whistles.

New construction has a number of variables when trying to detemine what direction to go. Do you want a production builder, semi-custom builder or fully custom builder. This is just the first level of the decision making process. Within each category there are builders who are focused on entry level homes, move-up homes and  there are also patio homes, townhomes, and estate homes.

So far so good? While most builders will tell you they can build what you want. The truth is they tend to build in certain styles from rustic to contemporary. We recommend building with someone who has experience building within your style and at the price you are at. You would not want to build a  high end custom home with someone who is niched in building entry level priced homes. Part of that is that they may have a different economic perspective. While you are looking at ganite for the mudroom, they are picking your linoleum?

Once you have identified 3  builders that seem to be a good fit, it is time to tour homes and meet the builders. Verify you appreciate their styles and quality. Maybe talk to some others in a community you are considering. Lastly, meet the builder.

Realize this, builders fo not build homes! What? Builders manage people inlcuding your customer experience. Every piece of construction is sub-constracted out.  The builders schedules these people and inspects their work. The biggest difference is that sbig builders have employees that manage different part of the build, some of supervisors and some do it themselves.

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