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Top 5 Reasons to share with your friends Why you are Relocating to Boise Idaho

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Moving is a big deal, relocating is even bigger. As many have noticed, Build Idaho is bigger than just a home search site. We include things to do, market reports and insights plus make it easy for you to enjoy living in the Boise area.

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Here are some great reasons to share with frined about your move to Boise.

  1. If your friends are not familiar with Boise and wondering what the heck you are doing?
    Check out all the national media accolades we have received. The "City of Trees" has been recognized often and continuously over the last 10 years as a best place to live, work and play.
  2. Your friends say "seems like a nice place, but what is there to do?"
    Tell them you are going to spend a lifetime exploring everything from the desert to the foothills and north into the mountains. Let them know it may seem like you fell off the earth but really you are just enjoying biking, fishing, numerous cultural opportunities, great events and food as well. Seasonally you may being skiing, boating or snow. You may be on the one of several nearby rivers or lakes. There is just a lot to do nearby and even more within just two hours. Have you ever seen a pre-historic horse skeleton?
  3. Compared to other cities in The Great Northwest, seems safer and more affordable
    Thats because it is. We constantly here how nice Boise is. Traffic is moderate with and average commute time of just over 20 minutes. Homes are less expensive, taxes are not as high and overall cost of living is less. If you are retiring, it's a no brainer!
  4. What about all those fields of potatoes and that vast empty space
    Do your friends have agoraphobia, feart of open space? This is one of the many great aspects of Boise. Less crowds, plenty to do, great restaurants, plus culture and events everywhere and every weekend. If your friends prefer crowds and tall buildings, they are going to hate the fresh air here!
  5. Your friends say "Ok, it is a nice place but it is still nothing like where I live"
    That is right! Boise is nothing like a Seattle or Portland. If you live here and do business here, you'll recognize it is more like a town. Most clients we show around are amazed at how friendly people are and how easy it is to get around. You'll find that we have most of the major stores any other large enough city has. Of course, we have our share of crazy but I think you'll find people have a lot of common sense.

So if Boise makes sense to you, we'd be glad to help you find a place. Or start searching on your own.

Posted by tlangford at 9/29/2017 10:41:00 PM

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