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Just a reminder folks, it is now October! This is one of the most beautiful months of the year so don't waste a moment! The season is filled with color and cool air. The mornings are filled with crips air and days are just energizing. Many people move to Boise because the miss the four seasons that we have here.

Idaho Kokanee Salmon

So stop reading this real estate blog post and get out there! The Boise Greenbelt is calling your name. Or maybe that voice in your head is telling you to head for the mountains. Have you ever taken the backroad from Horseshoe Bend  to Placerville and out to either Garden Valley or Idaho City. It is a fantasic drive and we are now starting to see Idaho Fall Colors.

Idaho Bass Fishing on Lake Owyhee

Today is the day to explore beyond the local borders. Have you been to Adrian OR. Okay, maybe this is not a great destination but it is the last civilized place before heading off to Lake Owyhee. Deep beautiful lake and the fishing is super! That is about a 2 hour drive but less than an hour from Boise is CJ Strike which is towards Mountain Home. Of course just outside the city is Lucky Peak but drive the extra fifteen minutes to Arrowrock Resevoir.

Even if you are less adventurous, just take the drive to Roswell, ID and check out the fields of Hops!

Hops Field

Ever been to Sweet, Idaho? This is on the road between Emmett and Horseshoe Bend, ID.

So many things to see and do but this season is short so don't waste a moment. At the very minimum follow Eagle Road north and just keep going ....and going....

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