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Fall colors are out and so you should be too! The days are perfect and the scenery is spectacular so don't miss some amazing places to enjoy it all and its golden glory.

If you live in town you have been watching the colors change and finally we are getting into prime fall time. Anywhere there are trees is worth looking into and locally there are a couple of obvious places like the Greenbelt and Eagle Island State Park.

If you really want to see what is going on you gotta get out there. Here are some of my favorites place to travel to and enjoy the local scenery.

  1. Sweet Valley to Ola, ID
    Drive to Emmet and the follow Hwy 52 to Horseshoe Bend. Along the way you will follow the Black Canyon Resevoir. After you leave that area, you will come to "The Triangle." This is the spot to head north.It is a simple and leasure drive that winds through and up Sweet Valley. You will pass a number of fields and ranchettes along the way. You can follow this road up into the mountains and end up at Sage Hen Resevoir. You can also take it all the way to Smiths Ferry, ID.
    This trip will offer you the opportunity to see lots of color, rolling hills and views of mountain tops. You are likely to see Wild Turkeys, Deer and Coyotes.
  2. Placerville, ID
    Not an unknown road but few take this diversion. It is a beautiful trek and you will find it hard to believe that you are so close to Boise. From Horshoe Bend, at the southern end of town, you will head east into the mountains. You venture through a canyon and eventually end up in this open vallley. There are a number of private cabins but it is mainly open prairie.
    Once you are in the valley, don't forget to travel to Centerville while you are rigth there. It is one of the few nearby places you can visit that feels very much "Idaho."
    From this area you can head off to either Garden Valley or Idaho City.
  3. Prairie, ID
    From Mountain Home follow HWy 21 into the mountains. Not sure of the exact mileage but several miles in is a turn off that takes you into this truly peaceful valley. Incredible views and back country roads will help experience a part of Idaho few take the time to explore. Roads are safe and will remind you what you moved here for.

Enjoy the Fall weather and scenery!

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 10/9/2017 2:07:00 AM
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