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Ever been driving around and want to know what that home's price is? Or maybe you are in your house and want to know what your neighbor is selling their home for?

Here are Two ways to find out the price of a home near you.

  1. Use the Search Box at the top of Build Idaho in right corner
  2. Download our App so wherever you go, you can find out instantly

Here is one not to use- Zillow! Boise Real Estate Agents hate zillow. Remember, Agents all want you to sell your home for the highest price. You win and agents make more money, why wouldn't real estate agents want you to sell it for more? Some may say that agents try to keep it lower so it will sell faster? Again we get paid more if it sells for more. In a different market that may be a good strategy but currently the market is strong and a home priced correctly will sell fast and could get several offers with the right strategy.

Here is a great example of not depending on Zillow for obtaining your home's value. We sold a client a home last month. That client called me this week  to laugh because his home was worth $100k more than what he paid for it? His home was brand new and there was a duplicate of his home being built down the street for relatively the same price he bought his at. This home was also listed on the MLS. If you are going to depend on Zillow to price your home, prepare to be frustrated! 

What is your home worth?

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