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As the first and last impression made on visitors to your home, your front door is a symbol of your creativity and style. Don't forget to make a statement with your front door!

Nothing says “Welcome Home” like a beautiful and inviting front door. Today's styles vary quite ensuring you’ll find just the look and design you desire. Additionally, each of the styles mostly likely will be available in wood and fiberglass, the two most commonly used door materials.

Idaho Front Door BlogTraditional Doors

Classic-style doors maany times feature raised panels in any arrangement from two to twelve. They may also feature glass inserts with scrollwork or colored panes. These styles are traditionally available in wood, metal and fiberglass options that are pre-hung and ready to install after purchase. Custom options for traditional doors are also available. This can be especially helpful if you are looking to achieve a particular design or if you live in a home that does not have standard size door openings. 

Modern Doors

Straight, sleek lines are a frequently found component in modern-style front doors. This fashion that separates Modern Doors them from Craftsman style doors. You may find blocked or square raised panels or panes of frosted or translucent glass. Minimalistic in their manner, though often large in size, the hardware seen on modern doors tends to follow the same style of clean lines. 

Rustic Doors

Frequently seen on cabins and homes that are primarily wood with stone accent. sexteriors, rustic-style doors are often made of wood. They may be arched or in the traditional rectangular form. Because many rustic doors have a thickness and a demeanor that suggests hardiness, door have bulky, oversized hardware that accompanies them. Raised panels, scored lines and clear glass are other features commonly found on rustic doors. 

Arched Doors

While arched doors may fit into a variety of styles including traditional, craftsman and rustic, their curved design gives them a distinctive look and appeal. These doors will more than likely be special order or custom-made to fit your home’s exact specifications. The curved style offers an eye-catching architectural feature with loads of charm.

Craftsman Doors

Craftsman doors are very popular from cottages to spacious mountain retreats. Craftsman style doors are made from wood or fiberglass and often feature straight lines with a Shaker-inspired look. Craftsman doors could feature one window at the top with stained glass or black- or wood-outlined panes and two or three rectangular-shaped raised panels across the bottom. Another popular option for Craftsman doors is a large glass insert that offers a more generous view of the outdoors. As with the other styles, custom options are available. 

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