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Some people want to work with one agent, I totally get. And while you will have one agent representative at Build Idaho, your agent has a team of support helping to get the job done. These people are not sub-contractors, we alll work together and love what we do. Here is our team-

The Build Idaho Ral Estate Team

The Idea Guy

  • Trey Langford Founded Build Idaho 11 years ago and is the guy that provides client's tours of Boise. Trey is Boise's most avid Blogger and Video Producer; he also produces all of the real estate analytics and graphs for our clients. 

The Shark in the Tank

  • Laura Harris is our Sales Manager and she is our leader in coaching and mentorship for the team. Laura manages all of our listing clients exclusively. She loves to win for clients and she loves to be at the top of her game. To say she is well suited for the job is an understatement.

The Creative Genius

  • Joey Loya can literally take you places you have never been and make you look better than maybe you really do! Joey is up before the sun rises for a magnificent photo of Boise or shooting a new home for sale. He is always checking out the latest tricks of the trade!

The Control Freak

  • Hilary Wilson's job is to manage chaos and solve problems. She ensures that everyone knows what to do and that it is getting done so every client has the same experience of Awesomeness! You will love her!

The Vanna White of Home Touring

  • You can say "Give me 4 Bedrooms" and Mila will reveal for you what is available. She enjoys new homes, historical homes and everything inside them!

The Welcome Wagon

  • Michelle Penick is the first person you will probably meet and she is super excited to help you explore Boise. And if you need a home, she can help with that too!


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