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Holidays are one of the best times to Negotiate! Main Idaho Real Estate Insights

If you are thinking about buying a home, get started now and maybe you can actually help someone to have a better christmas!

So, are you looking at homes for sale right now or thinking about it? If you are already looking for the right home now, you may have the opportunity to make someone's day. What if the seller really wants to be out of the home and somewhere else for the holidays? Or perhaps right after the holidays they could be packed and ready to move out. Also, maybe they have kids and want to be settled before school starts again? So their motivation to move is high!

This may be a window for you to negotiate, if you are prepared to make an offer and have a smart agent who can help you position for success. Often times, people's motivation for timing may be anopportunity for you and wouldn't it be great if you could help them be home for the holidays?

You bet it is. It still has to be the right home, obviously but if it is the right home, explore the opportunity to create a win-win. By understanding the seller's timeline and any other factors that could give your offer the nod is very important. You also need to be able to deliver on your offer. If it is going to be a quick offer, your agent needs to be on the ball on home inspections and other contingencies. The title company needs time to verify you can have clean title on the home.The loan company needs to get all of your financials and any credit issues worked out.

A lot of things take place prior to actually buying the home. If you offer is based on meeting the seller's motivation to move, you need to be ready to fulfill your end of the deal. And when you do, maybe you can have a new home for the Holidays too!

Go ahead, make someone's holiday!

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Posted by tlangford at 11/7/2017 9:42:00 PM

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