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Nothing like visiting other places to make you appreciate home.

So the Langford family spent this week in Oregon on the coast. Let's face it, it is an incredible place- mountains, ocean, wildlife and amazing scenery everywhere. We hiked beaches. Explored Cannon Beach and Tillamook and a couple dozen cities in between. Plus we crossed a river over this super tall bridge from Astoria, OR to say we were in Washington. We found shells galore, saw some sea lions and went swimming, though not in the ocean and enjoyed walks along the beach. We also ate seafood and met some friends from this area over there.

It was an amazing trip and we captialized on every day. One of my favorite places is called The Jetty. It is where this bay fed by five rivers empties  into the ocean.

After five days of of 60 degree weather, it was time to return to Boise, ID. Here is the thing, it rained all the time and was grey all day and they say it is like that all winter. Admittedly we have some grey stretches but only stretches, Portland has a great reputation but we just drove through. How people can live in homes on the side of steep mountainsides, I do not get. I think that after any number of days of raining I would stress about a house sliding down the hill.

So Boise, we will travel to enjoy other areas but know that we love you and going away only makes us appreciate you more. We look forward to every season and are blessed to live here and the surrounding areas with all the things you offer us.




Posted by tlangford at 11/26/2017 12:32:00 AM
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