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Why it is so important that your home is "Show Ready" when selling

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Most people think it just needs to look good enough so it will sell but there is so much more to why is needs to be "Pinterest Worthy!"

The reason we ask clients to take time to get their home ready to sell is so important. The details do matter and the benefits and psychology to it is well worth the time and investment it takes.

The first reason is, yes, money. It if looks its best you have the best chance of getting a great offer. Part of this will be getting the price right the first time, which is a whole other topic in itself.

We want your home to stand out! Buyers are going to see a number of other homes so yours has to look better than those at similar price points. The yard is manicured. The entry is clean and you have taken time to paint so it looks fresh. The entire house looks and feels clean and organized.

That may seem obvious but the psychology behind it will help you get a better offer. If it is not clean and show room ready, people will judge. They may make the leap that you do not take care of your home and wonder what else is wrong with your home? They may see disorganization as messy and wonder if you did not take care of the surface areas, what is underneath hidden areas? Does this house have years of neglect? If they buy this house, what are they going to find after moving in?

If they see a home that is spotless, organized, has new paint in areas, rugs are really clean and windows are not only washed but the window cills are clean as well they are going to think they are buying a home that has been taken care of. They are not as likely looking to negotiate so they have money to fix all the problems you are leaving them.

It is like when you go to a car dealership to get the engine repaired and when you pick it up and notice they cleaned the inside of your car. If they took the time to do that, they must be a quality outfit. Same with buying a house. You may expect that it looks clean but when people notice you went the extra mile, they will understand you have taken care of your house.

So by getting your home Pinterest ready you put yourself in a much better position. Your home looks better then other homes at competing price points. People looking at making an offer may want to negotiate to get the best price for themselves but they are not trying to negotiate a fund to fix it. Because you took the time to deep clean the home, fix things that needed repair, put a fresh coat of paint where needed, deep clean carpets, and all the things we would recommend to declutter and de-personlize your home so it feels open and someone can see themselves living there, they are not asking what else is wrong with the home?

So when you are selling, realize that by taking the time to make your house a show-piece, and keeping it that way the entire time, you are putting yourself in the best position to get the best price and hopefully, multiple offers. Contact us about selling your home!

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 11/28/2017 9:16:00 PM

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