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Finding the best Idaho real estate agent for you is easy? You will know when you meet them after you ask the right questions.

"Who is the best Boise Idaho real estate agent" is a loaded question.

There are a several that specialize in a single niche of Idaho real estate and many more claim to be experts at something or even everything. The reality is that it is a personal decision and there are many agents that can help you and do a fantastic job.

One aspect of finding the right real estate agent is to understand that the right agent may require you to truly understand what you want out of the agent. There are a number of agents who have a lot of experience and are very successful. They are also very busy! While they may be good at their job, you may not actually get much of their time? So, if you are looking for highly personalized service, you may be disappointed with the client experience. On the other hand, there are real estate agents who have less experience but do not have a big client list that they are working with at any one time and may be able to offer someone a very intimate and highly responsive real estate experience. The service this person may be able to offer you may be of greater value because they have the time to invest in you and your property search.

One thing to realize in today's market is that many Realtors work as a team, which is the approach we have taken. There are many benefits to working with a team but the most obvious is that a single real estate agent cannot do it all. A team offers breadth of services, and a number of people who will interact with you along to way. The one thing to realize is that each person is focused on your client experience. While they have a job to do, many teams look at the job as part of taking care of their client and the experience they will have. For a team and each member, it is not just another client or task but a chance to create something special for you.

A team offers access to more knowledge and experience than one agent can carry for every client. Depending on how the team operates, you may find that you receive better communication. For example, one agent may be responsible to really help you dive deep into your search and wrap their head around what you are looking for and help identify homes that best match your search. They not only are creating the property searches but now they are also keeping an eye out for new homes that match your criteria to share with you. Part of this may be hleping you identify which city makes the most sense to search within and possibly even specific communities.  That is their focus, to help you find the right homes to look at. Here at Build Idaho, we talk a lot about lifestyle. We really want to know what your goal is in your next move and what will really make you really happy.

The next step is looking at homes. Realtors taking you to homes that you have identified look very interesting. If the previous person did their job right, you are probably going to look at about 6 homes. The showing agent is responsible to see if what we looked at on paper is making sense as you tour homes and either continue or adjust. When you select a home that is the ideal home, they will help you make an offer. At Build Idaho, we have an aggressive shark who helps make the offer, Laura Harris has written well over a hundred offers in the last three years and is well respected by clients and other agents. She is friendly but her job is to get you the home and make sure you are taken care of and she is meeting your objectives.

Moving from contract to close, a transaction coordinator will be assisting. Here at Build Idaho, we have a designated person who will be communicating with you nearly every day. They will help move through the process, which includes 160 different tasks, milestones and other duties. No one wants to have surprises at the end and if one person is focused on making all the arrangements, including inspections and appraisals,  you will have comfort every step of the way and not wonder what is going on.

Hiring an agent is a big decision and many times it is based on your gut reaction to them. Working with a real estate team has many advantages but the one thing to seek out is those that are focused on the client experience. That is a business model that works for everyone from the buyer or seller to the agents involved. Working with someone who is focused on you at the particular point of the process you are at is invaluable. Steps are not missed and you are talking to someone whose job is to take care of you. If that makes sense to you, contact us!

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Posted by tlangford at 12/3/2017 7:38:00 PM

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