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Searching for 3 Bedroom and 2 baths for 'X' dollars is easy but that is not how you really find a place to call home.

If finding a home were as simple as an online home search, moving would not be a big deal. This is really more how people find places to rent. This is what you pay for when you just need a space to call yours for a period of time. You would just submit your criteria and out would pop the answer but buying a home is a much more personal decision with an array of factors.

An online search allows for many options which we will not list to save you from reading too much. These searches provide you homes that match your surface level criteria but not the real important stuff  that actually defines if you will buy the the home or not. I am not out to argue that the initial search criteria of bedrooms, bath, price, square feet and size of homesite is important but that there is much more to you actually pulling the trigger.

We here at Build Idaho focus on Lifestyle with many clients. Why this may be similar to defining a location, we have found that once we really identify what a person or family is trying to accomplish with their next move, finding a home gets easier. It used to be that we spoke of location with relevance to work, school, daily activities like kid sports programs or even daycare. Now it seems like that is just part of the lifestyle.

People are more focused nowadays on how they live instead of where. They may say I want to live in Meridian but many time it seems like they are looking to find a home that offers something more in return that just a convenient place to eat and sleep. They look at what they value and how they can build a life around that. Maybe they want acreage to have a large garden or space between neighbors. Maybe they enjoy biking and want access to the Foothills or Greenbelt.

Another aspect of buying a home with value to the individual is the personal pride factor. People want a home they can enjoy showing off. Not quite a 'keeping up with the Jone's' kind of mentatility but more about things like entertaining your friends and enjoying the space you have to do that. From open floorplans where everyone can get together inside to outdoor spaces with grills and patio furniture. Maybe they need an extra garage bay for toy storage or a hobby area.

Another thing you can't search for is style. You can look at pictures to get an idea but not til you get inside can you really get a feel for it. Many larger more expensive homes offer 360 degree views of the inside of the house. If it does not feel like your style, you are not going to buy that house.

The last thing that you cannot really understand until you tour the home is the floorplan. How does the home layout? How does it feel. Can you see yourself enjoying the flow. Is it functional for the members of your family? One example may be that if the side door has a doggie door, you can see your dog using it and how wonderful it will be for him/ her to be able to get out on their own.

The emotions that play into selecting a home to buy are deep and wide. Everyone is different as well as their motivations. Here at Build Idaho we act more like eHarmony than a craigslist posting.  If we can help you identify your dream home, just ask.

Trey Langford, Build Idaho FounderTrey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 12/12/2017 11:00:00 PM

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