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Understanding the specifics of your homesite will also help you understand how it will affect the cost to build your house

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Most of the time you want to pay attention to the site of a lot more than the price. In this blog post, we are going to share some experience we have had with clients. These are great reminders to work with experienced professionals.

Does this building lot come with water?

In spring of 2017, we had a client interested in a foothills lot to build their dream home. This was not just any lot. The property was way back into the foothills and quite a ways up in elevation from the valley floor. This lot was also very expensive as it was acreage!

The client had been there a number of times checking out the lot and just verifying it was the right lot. It definitely was and decided they wanted to make an offer. Along the way in doing our due diligence, we found a well driller  in a nearby site and took the opportunity to ask some questions about what costs might be for a well?

While there were a number of homes in the vicinity, the well driller for this lot lot was on his second hole for water. The first hole was over 500 feet deep to the tune of $50,000 for that hole. As you can imagine, the client was timid to risk buying a lot with no idea of cost to find water.

A rocky foundation

Another client was looking at a lot in Nampa. They were very excited because it was going to be the first time to actually build a custom home. They had already designed the floorplan and knew exactly what they wanted in the house for customizations.

This lot had just come on the market and was in a subdivision with a number of homes. This time in doing some due diligence, we invited a builder they were interviewing to take a  look at the lot. He informed us that he was familiar with the lot and that this area was known for have a lot of volcanic rock below the ground. The clients were interested in having a basement and did not have it in their budget for major excavation if it were found below their homesite. So we decided to look further.

Most subdivisions have lots that are ready to be built on but you still need to do your due diligence. A good agent will allow for a time period so we can research the lot. From talking to others in the vicintiy to asking industry professionals what their experience is you can learn 'a lot.' It is also a good idea to bring your builder in to see the lot. This can either be the builder you have selected or part of interviewing a builder.

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