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Three Places for Growth in Idaho Real Estate in 2018

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No one argues that Idaho is going to see more real estate activity in 2018. We have a great place to share and everyone is noticing all the benefits including safety, strong economy, solid local and state government reasonable taxes and overall affordability. So what will we see in 2018? 

So where will we see the most growth and opportunities in Idaho Real Estate in 2018?

  1. Eagle & NE Boise
    Eagle and NE Boise have become the destination locations for luxury and lifestyle. Homes here tend to be strong in style with upscale amenities including upper end appliances and spaces for entertaining like outdoor patios. 

    NE Boise enjoys proximity to foothills, Boise River and downtown. For many people this is the trifecta of living in Boise. Others want to get a little further away and Eagle makes more sense with larger homesites and amenities like waterfront property. 
  2. Canyon County, Idaho
    As long as gas prices remain at current levels, the affordability of living in Canyon County is very appealing. Land and building lot prices are substantially lower which create an immediate savings. FYI, it costs basically the same to build the same house in Boise or Nampa. 

    Nampa has seen substantial  growth in shopping opportunities and is one of the fastest growing areas in Idaho. While the area still is strong in its rural roots, most people appreciate this and enjoy the very open spaces.
  3. Larger Homesites
    When land prices go up the only way for a developer to make it pencil is density. It is also something that cities promote and smart development associations, as well as they, do not like sprawl. Density also helps with cities offering public transportation and other mass services in a metro area.

    Unfortunately, many people are moving to Idaho to enjoy some space. They may not want to be land barons but they do not want the master bath looking into the neighbor's patio. Most people do not seem to want to manage a full acre of yard and landscaping. They are not wanting a ranchette with horses or a massive garden, but just space between neighbors.

    With the trend in working online, many have the flexibility to work from home and are not part of a daily commute and can focus on buying a home that matches their lifestyle preference of living in the country. Cities like Emmett and Middleton are starting to get the eyes of more home buyers.

The continued demand for homes is expected to continue in 2018 and new construction is probably not going to grow enough to create an additional inventory of homes. The industry as a whole expects continued appreciation of home values as demand is so strong. As a matter of fact, even if there were a national economic downward trend, Idaho would probably maintain the in-migration we have been experiencing.

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Posted by tlangford at 1/4/2018 11:01:00 PM

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