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Top Five Considerations when buying Real Estate

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There is nothing more important than having clarity and alignment when you are about to spend a large sum of money!

  1. Real Estate in Boise IdahoPrioritize Real Estate Needs vs. Wants
    What are the most important features that you must have in your home? If you are a young family it may be the size of the yard and number of bedrooms. Do you have a hobby or small business that requires a designated room? Maybe this is the home after retirement and it would be smart to have a single level? You should take time to understand your current living needs as well as what changes could be expected over the reasonable future.
  2. Don't get discouraged
    There are many homes to choose from today but additional real estate is listed on the Idaho MLS daily. If you don't see what you want right now, be patient, what you are looking for could be on the market tomorrow.
  3. Build a Network of Industry Professionals you trust
    Realtors®, Mortgage Lending Professional, Home Inspector, Title Officer, etc. Your network can help answer questions, provide advice and warn your when they see red flags.
  4. Stick to your budget
    It is best to buy based on your current income and not what you expect to be making. If things don't turn out as you predicted, you won't be in a jam. Also, it is easy to goet swayed buy glitter start to
  5. Don't make a completely emotional decision
    Not to say there is not a lot of emotions involved in the process but if your decision is completely emotional, you
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