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Boise Idaho real estate seems to hinge on the word Lifestyle.

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People in Boise are more considered about weekends and freetime. We don't go to work in a suit and tie unless we have to. There are more trucks in Boise than cars and more mountain bikes, boats, skis, Atv's, canoes and other hobby transportation than cars. Living in Boise is far from ordinary and so is the real estate.

While current real estate market conditions favor the seller, there are many types of places to consider in the surrounding area to call home. From the mountains in Idaho City, to the Foothills just above Boise and Eagle to the Bench, on out into the desert and across to the owyhees, one can find condominiums to ranch homes to ranchettes and small vinyards. Boise has an abundance of real estate whihc includes living with the crowd or away from it. Boise Idaho Real Estate comes in many forms as you can see,

Obviously most people are looking for something within city limits or very nearby. Boise is growing and with this growth comes new developments so as you are searching real estate keep in mind that if you don't find what you want today, new things are coming all the time, which includes new stores, restaurants and services.

Boise (pronounced boy-see), the capital and largest city in the State of  Idaho. Many may see not see Boise as a major US city. It is considered by many a large town but because it is so remote, the next major city being 5 hours away. For many businesses, Boise is not easily accessible meaning it is difficult to get to her or travel from here to another destination. What Boise does offer is why it is a growing place.

The climate for business is energized and filled with entrpreneurs. While corporations may not find Boise convenient, people love doing business in Boise. It is know as the 'City of Trees' which may seem odd if you are from the east coast but from the tops of surrounding you can see that Boise was an oasis in teh desert to pioneers crossing the terrain as they headed west on the Oregon Trail. The Boise River, Snake RIver and Payetter River are the life source of the Treasure Valley. While this is the desert, there are several areas that have a high water table.

Boise would not be a successful town with out a strong business base and corporations but it is the family atomosphere and outdoor recreation that people fall in love with. When watching the news, weather is very important and changes constantly. Idahoans love the outdoors. There are plenty of garages iwth toys from RVs to boats to ATVs. During the summer one can enjoy the Boise Foothills on a mountain bike, on a hike or as a photographer or bir watching. Many people also fish in the Boise River or float it on a hot day. There is no end to the free opportunities to recreate in Boise much less the Treasure Valley and we have not even mentioned all the festivals. Boise frequently receives national recognition for its quality of life and business climate.

Boise Idaho Real Estate made the news consistently in 2012 as one of the top real estate recovery towns. Boise saw home values rise, the number of foreclosures & short sales decreases, overall home sales increased, and Build Idaho is predicting a 66% increase in new construction building permits.  Boise Idaho real estate provides many jobs and circulates a lot of money as people not only need new blinds for windows but also spend money on other goods and services in their local market.

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