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Boise Idaho 2017 Building Permit Trends

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Check out our latest charts and graphs on building permits that display how new construction of homes continues to trend upward.

Here is a chart that tracks building permits. You can clearly see the spike as the market was super hot and how things decelerated and are now growing at a more normal pave. Note: Building Permits do not necessarily mean that a home was actually built, just that someone pulled a permit to do so

Idaho Building Permits

Take a closer look how permits #'s year over year to see how the area is seeing growth in the number of new homes built month-over-month.


Boise Area Building Permits:

Boise Idaho Building Permits


Nampa Area  Building Permits-

Nampa Idaho Building Permits


Check out total building permits year-over-year-

  2014 2015 2016 2017
Ada County 2,270 2,969 3,586 3,850
Canyon County 864 1,028 1,282 1,345
*source Construction Monitor
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