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Top 5 Ways to be Finacially Prepared when getting ready to buy a home.

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Listen in as Joey Loya and James Beck talk about tips for First Time Home Buyers.


What to do

  1. Start Saving Today! You may need money for a downpayment, closing costs or even a
  2. Check your credit and know the reality of what is going on with your creidt. Does it need repair or do you need more credit?
  3. Evaluate how much you can afford or want to afford.  A loan officer can help you understand how much you really bring home after expenses and how much a loan will cost and possibly save you each month.
  4. Looking at Downpayment Options. There are more solutions than most realize.
  5. Get your docs organized. It is almost April 15th so you should be getting ready to file taxes whihc will help when you go apply for a loan.

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Posted by A Trey Langford at 2/20/2018 3:29:00 AM

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