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BuildIdaho: Foodie Dreams at MakyJames Grill

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Boise has a active foodie nation. Ready... Set... Time to EAT! MakyJames Grill is this weeks Boise Highlight!

Understanding Home Ownership and living in Boise is what the #buildidahoshow is all about.

We will cover:
-What MakyJames Girll is
-Where the name comes from
-What is the most popular item on the menu
-and where to find them next in the Treasure Valley

Jimmy Hamilton
Phone: 208.914.0735
Email: makyjamesgrill@gmail.com


The #buildIdahoshow is here to help potential home buyers make intelligent decision based on what industry professionals have to say. We demystifying the home buying process so that buying a home doesn't seem like and overwhelming idea. We also go one step further and showcase the Treasure Valley and the people and places that make it great.

Our goal is to fuel your dreams of home ownership with actionable intelligence you can really us.

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#BuildIdahoshow Episode 107

Posted by A Trey Langford at 3/16/2018 10:55:00 PM

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