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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Land

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Land. 1-Avoid Bad Photos 2-Avoid Unresponsive Agents 3-Avoid a "House" Listing Agent 4-Avoid the sit and wait Agent 5-Price in important. This is a very informative because Trey Langford has experience when selling land.

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when selling your land

North Boise*In no particular order all are equally important

  1. Avoid Bad Photos
    Nothing will scare away more buyers than Bad Pictures. 1 fuzzy picture taken from a cell phone is not how you want your land presented to the world. When a bad picture is used in the Multiple Listing Service or for advertising it reflects poorly on your land and your price. A bad presentation will have a huge impact on the offer price you receive, that is if you get any offers at all.  
    Build Idaho uses professional photography with multiple HD images of your land.  to see what’s around your property and our aerial photography allows a buyer to see your land not only in brilliant color but from a birdseye view.

  2. Avoid Unresponsive Agents
    When a buyer calls they want information now not 1 or 2 days from now. Your agent needs to have detailed knowledge about your property and answer or return calls quickly.
    You can have the best marketing in the world but if your agent is not engaged with selling on a daily basis your listing and bottom line will suffer.
    Just contact us and find out how responsive we are at Build Idaho.
  3. Avoid a “House” Listing Agent
    Avoid using an agent who sells more homes than land. A real estate agent who sells homes is different than one who sells land. Agents who sell homes typically are not connected to the buyers you need to attract. Build Idaho is engaged with builders, developers and people looking to buy land on a daily basis.
  4. Avoid the sit and wait Agents
    Avoid using an agent who just relies on the multiple listing service to sell your land. if your agent is not proactive in marketing your land, you are at the mercy of the market and the longer your land is for sale the lower the offers will be.

    You need your land in front of thousands of potential buyers every day. With an individual web site address provided by Build Idaho we can track the amount of views your land receives and where the views are coming from so we can be proactive and  adjust our advertising, marketing and strategy accordingly.
  5. Price is important
    No buyer wants to overpay for something especially in real estate. It is important to know what the market is doing and make your asking price realistic based on facts. Build Idaho will provide an extensive market report and statistics to help come up with your lands value & price

The secret to our success is to be knowledgeable about the land we sell, present our listings in an extraordinary way to thousands of potential buyers and engage with those buyers every day.  Call me to discuss selling your land today Trey Langford (208)724-9636

  • Get your land in front of builders, developers and land buyers

  • Build Idaho provides Professional photos including aerial photography with every listing

  • Exposure in Idaho’s largest multiple listing service reaching over 5,000 agents and 100 Plus local and national real estate search sites, including Landwatch.com, Lotnetwork.com, Trulia.com. Zillow.com. and Realtor.com.

  • Immediate attention to buyer inquireis

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