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Idaho Real Estate has always been a popular topic at the water cooler but with Boise making the news as one of the fastest growing cities, don't get caught up in the hype!

There are a lot of people getting nervous with all the activity in the market place. Yes there are a number of new subdivisions around and there are stories about how the price of homes are going up. What we want you to keep in mind is that real estate is not just 1 thing. It is more like a wheel than a single spoke.

Let's start with what is true. The lower the price of the home and the more popular the location, the more competition there will be to buy that home. There are more buyers now, last quarter was up 13% from previous year for homes sold. Spring and summer are the most active times to buy and sell but with the number of out of state buyers, competion is rising but it is the ability to pay is the most important factor driving prices.

Maybe you are thinking of moving or relocating to Boise, Idaho and not sure what to make of everything you have heard or read? Start with your story and needs. Yes, homes in the north end of Boise, are expensive and finding acreage property is dificult. We understand that you can't afford as much house now as 7 years ago, when home values were at the lowest after the market crashed in 2007 & 2008.  In March 2018 there were 848 homes sold, compared to 809 the previous year, so there is opportunity! We look at the market everyday and would be excited to help you find your ideal home! Let's get started!

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