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Who are Boise's Best Real Estate Agents in 2018

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Things have changed so much in real estate in the last 10 years as technology becomes the initial tool home buyers use before they commit to an agent.

The thing is, Who is the best Boise Idaho real estate agent?

One might think the answer is a Top 10 List of Top Producing Agents? Not true, real estate teams have changed how agents get ranked. Many Teams have a lead Realtor that gets credit for everything that happens, whether they met the client or not? This is a whole other discussion.

So to answer the question, it's complicated. There are better agents then others; based on their experience but here is the thing to consider, can they help you? For one, maybe they have decades of experience in real estate but specialize in selling mobile homes in Boise. What if you are looking for a luxury custom home? Or want land in Horseshoe Bend? Also, rest assured, many agents think they are the best. Of course, to be fair, what small business thinks they are second best?

The most important factor in selecting an agent is to determine if they offer an amazing client experience. Do they have time to take care of you? What does their client experience look like and can they offer that consistently. Many agents have their own network to get answers from. You can never know every thing about real estate!

If they are experienced, that is great but if they are working for 20 clients at any time, how much personal time can they really offer you? If they have experience, but not a lot, they may have the experience you need and have time to offer you an amazing real estate client experience!

I have decided that we at Build Idaho will take a team approach to servicing our clients. Great agents, with great experience offering their time to take care of you with a support system that includes the advice of others and once an offer is accepted, another group of people specialized at getting you in the home. There are so many details to pay attention to. Part of this is ensuring that as a client you are never wondering or waiting. Part of it is ensuring all the facets of the contract and dates are completed on time and meet certain standards.

Many people choose someone to be their agent because they like them. That is important but this is business. You are about to spend tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Someone you like and trust is important but someone that is going to take absolutely the best care of you and make sure that when you find the right home that you will have a smooth transaction is vital.

Patty Eckebrecht is Build Idaho's Director of Sales. She has 17 years experience ranging from Sun Valley Homes for Sale to Boise/ Eagle and even north to Riggins Idaho. She has sold land and luxury homes for high profile clients. She brings negotiating skills as well as compassion for our clients.  She suports all our already experienced agents including MIchelle Penick who is on track to be 'Rookie of the Year' and Chrissy Smith, our newest addition who also brings commercial experience to the team.


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