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Do Open Houses Work?

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Great question. The answer is really about asking your agent what they have done to make the Open House a success. If they are just going to show up 10 minutes prior to the start time, probably not.

Hosting an Open House is just one tool used to sell a home but presentation and perspective are everything!

First, lets talk about presentation. What did the agent do to get the word out and promote your home? If you are willing to leave your home for 4 hours or more, is the agent expecting people to come see the home for sale or just hoping people will show up.

  1. Do they have a database of home buyers that have subscribed to their services? AND did they tell them about the house and invite them? Did they tell them in an email and send a reinder?
  2. Did they post it on Craigslist?
  3. Do they have a Facebook following, that is not just family and friends that they posted to?
  4. Did they canvas the neighborhood?
  5. Did they ask you to invite your friends and family?

There are a lot of ways to promote an Open House but if the only tactic was to put balloons, and signs along the road, maybe they are not really all in to help you sell your home. Of course, many teams have systems in place to help an agent get the word out. It is many times too much for just one person to do alone.

Secondly, let's talk about perspective. Is the agent their to sell your home or are they really just trying to find more clients? Even if they did promote the open house, are they truly keeping your best interests front and center?

Posted by tlangford at 6/18/2018 7:36:00 AM

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