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Four Tips to Winning your Home in Today's Market

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Are you making an offer or actively trying to buy that property? What level of real estate services are you looking for from your agent?

So you found the perfect property and it checks all your boxes and you would like to buy it. Hopefully, you are already pre-qualified with a prefoessional lender and have the earnest money ready to go?

Making a winning offer vs writing a real estate purchase contract

This market is strong and when looking at homes in a competitive price point, just making a full price offer is not enough! If you are serious and want that home, you have to be aggressive. Here are some strategies we have used to help our clients

It is not always about money

Sometimes a well written 'Love Letter' will win the seller over. While, you still need to write a competitive offer, sometimes sharing what the home means to you can make the difference. Letting seller know how this home fits into your life, how it makes you feel or why you like it so much will humanize your offer and create empathy for you. Writing from the heart is not easy for most but sharing your authentic reasons for wanting to buy their home can help you.

Your Realtor's Reputation Precedes You

Some real estate agents like to write offers then cross their fingers and hope it works out. BUT... some agents like to win for their clients! If your agent is a great one, they have  a great reputation and other agents love to work with them. They do not drop the ball and they are not bullies. They are respectful and while fiercely representing their clients, work to create win-wins. While they are working to get your offer written, they are communicating with the other agent, trying to learn more about what it is gong to take to get your offer accepted. Sometimes other agents will share particulars that let you know exactly what the seller is looking for or what the agent wants to see in the offer.

Follow the Offer like a Stalker

Your agent should be talking to the other agent before, during and after the offer is submitted. They should be developing rapport with the agent and politely following up; continuously.  They are also helping the other agent understand that "we" want the house and are looking for a win-win situation with the other agent. Even if your offer is not accepted, your agent sticks with it because, it is not uncommon that things fall apart and the home is suddenly available. Who does the agent call next?

Make Your Offer Easy to Accept

There are a lot of steps in buying a home like appraisals and home inspections. Additionally, the seller may have specific requests like a closing date or preferred title company. What can you do to make your offer easy for the seller to accept? Your agent should take care of you and protect your interests but maybe their are things you are not concerned about? For example, are you flexible on the closing date? If you are paying cash, do you want to make the offer contingent on the appraisal?

The local real estate market is very strong and very competitive and saavy buyers get frustrated when losing the home they set their sites on. Homes for sale in lower prices are receiving multiple offers including offers over asking price so working with someone who can truly help you, as opposed to just writing an offer, is vital to getting your desired results!


Have a great day and we are here to earn your business!

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