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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Home in Boise, Idaho?

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We get this question quite often and the answer really depends on you. The question really needs to be "How much will it cost to buy the home I want in the place that best matches my lifestyle?"

The Greater Boise Area (aka Treasure Valley) covers a vast area and the closer you are to Boise, The economic hub, the more expensive it gets. Places like NE Boise (in the Foothills and along the Boise River) and Eagle seem to be the most expensive areas. As you move away to areas like Meridian and Nampa, prices tend to be lower overall. Many of the more rural locations are also great for property with acreage.

Many people do a search for bedrooms, bath and price until they determine what area appeals to them. Our discussions really start with Lifestyle. What are you looking for or hope to accomplish with your next move? The reality normally is that selecting an area is the hardest part. Once we understand what area most appeals to you, we can easily search for homes that match your criteria.

As an agent, our job is to also be your guide, give our honest opinions and help you find that perfect home. One service that we offer is a tour of the Boise area. Normally we actually start at Lucky Peak so you can see we are more than just the valley. Next we head through NE Boise and make our way to downtown and the Idaho State Capitol. Next we travel along Hill Rd to Eagle and then out to Star. From here we tailor the tour to the client. For those who are looking at homes closes to Boise we turn south to Meridian and check out Eagle Road including The Village. For those looking for more value, acreage or more rural properties we coninue to Middleton and check out Caldwell and Nampa.

Each area has its own vibe but the great news about living here is no matter where you are, it is 20 to 40 minutes to get the the other side. For many accustomed to 90 minute commutes over 16 miles, you are going to love going to work here comparatively.

If you would like a tour and start your home search, start here!

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