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Being a real estate agents means that a person is a slaesperson but they also wear many other hats including therapist.

Real Estate is a very interesting job, probably because it involves people and a lot of money. The job can be 7 days a week and most any hour of the day. Here are Three things that drive agents a little nuts.

  1. Clients/ Spouses are not on the same page.
    If there is anything that will make for a long day, including for clients, is when spouses are not on the same page. One wants the big city; the other is thinking something more rural. One wants acreage property and the other is interested in traveling and wants something that is low maintenance. Sometimes agents do not realize this until they meet the the spouse and realize that it is going to be very hard to find a home that will make both happy.

  2. Touring as many homes as possible
    Some people narrow the search down to just a few homes while others want to see every house with a bathroom. While any client centric agent will show any home the client wants, this may mean that the agent and clients are not in alignment. There is a vast difference in houses off Warm Springs Ave in Boise and property in Parma! A lot of times, people need to dial in what they really want and also the real estate agent needs to have a hard discussion. The agent is not doing the best job just showing any home. Many times, this involves asking probing questions to take a deep dive into what the client really wants.
  3. Wanting to Make Low Ball Offers
    Do they really want the home? Making an offer that offends the seller is a sign that someone does not really want the home. Now, there is a difference, if you are making an offer based on similar properties and your offer is priced accordingly. An agent will include this as part of the offer to get the seller to recognize that the offer is in line with what the market is currently paying for similar properties. While agents must present all offers, the sellers representative is to also advise their client. If it is truly a low offer, they will advise the client to stay the course and wait for a better offer.

If you are working with an agent, make sure they are doing their job and offering you the full spectrum of real estate services. They need full access to all of your thoughts so they can help identify what properties to show you. You should find an agent you trust and are comfortable sharing with. While their job is straight-forward; helping you find your dream home and make an offer that will help you get that  home, there are so many complexities along the way. A great agent will help simplify the process and will have systems in place to ensure you are taken care of and have a great home buying experience!

Posted by tlangford at 12/17/2018 5:49:00 AM

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