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Top Ten Reasons Californians are moving to Boise, Idaho

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Bottom line, they like what we have!

Are you from California? Let me guess, you have heard all the hype and seen all the Top Tens Lists that include Boise so now you are going to find out for your self? It was about 3 years ago now that the tone of the conversation of people calling from Caliornia changed. I remember when people were curious about Idaho because they did not like how things had changed in CA but it seems that the primary reason people are leaving is that they hate California now! They love what it used to be but now from the stories people share it is complicated, unhappy and expensive. Love to hear why you feel people are leaving CA?

Here are the Top Ten Reasons  People are leaving the State of California

  1. It's crowded
    There are a lot of people and everything is busy from roads to stores and even the small towns.
  2. The Homes are too Expensive
    Boise median prices have risen dramatically since 2011 but comparatively, we are very affordable.
  3. Taxes are too Expensive
    And there are plenty of them for endless reasons
  4. Commute Times are too long
    One lady shared it takes her 45 to get out of her neighborhood
  5. Common Sense seems to have been compromised
    This is one are where Idaho make even more sense. We have had strong leadership in Idaho. You may not like the politics here but it has served the state economy well.
  6. Traffic is frustating and constant at any hour
    So many people we talk to say they commute 1½ each way to and from work. Boise average commute is under a half hour.
  7. Too many rules to follow that are not logical
  8. Political Climate
    Probably best we leave this topic alone.
  9. People are Just Crazy and Unhappy
    And it is not just one group of people. Crazy has gone rampant. It has also crossed over to every part of life from politics to business
  10. Quality of Life
    This includes everyting from other people's ideology being forced upon others to crime to education.


Welcome to Idaho, You are gonna love it here!

Check out our Top Ten Reasons To Move to Boise. Bottom line, Idaho is a good place with plenty to do and happy people. I would say that people are the #1 thing and that all the cultural, outdoor and entertainment options of things to do are just icing on the cake. Couple that with health care, cost of living and safety of living here and it is clear that Idaho has become a popular place.

Now you chime in. What is your favorite thing about the Great State of Idaho? Why did you come and what are you most excited about finding in Idaho?

Posted by tlangford at 12/17/2018 7:33:00 AM

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