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You should have done this before Thanksgiving but it is not too late as we have not seen the temperatures drop below zero degrees, and we will!

More than likely we will see temperatures drop well below zero in the coming weeks and there is still time to prepare your house. Here are some tasks to complete so that you do not experience problems.

  1. Buy a snow shovel and de-icer today.
    Note: If you are spreading salt on your concrete, the salt will erode it away and cause it to crackle in time.
  2. Blow out the sprinklers
    If you do not, the water in the pipes will freeze and expand.
    The water will then probably cause the pipes or hoses to crack. Next spring, when you turn them back on, those points will spray water and possibly cause more damage. Also, turn the main valve off now so in the spring when the irrigation water is turned back on you are not cought off guard..
  3. Close the vents on your house's foundation
    If your home has vents that feed the crawl space, close them! In the summer we open them back up.
  4. Get those last leaves up.
    If you have places where they have pile up it could kill the grass underneath.
  5. Place insulation over the outside faucets.
    You can find foam cups at a hardware stores that easily install. Or any other insulation type prodect to protect the exterior faucets.
  6. Have your furnace inspected
    Even if it is newer, have someone verify that all the part look to be in good order. You also need to inspect filters.
  7. Clean the gutters
    In the spring when the rains come your gutters are not clogged so the water goes down the spout rather than over flowing and spilling everywhere.

While Boise enjoys fours season, we also have to prepare for them. In the spring you'll want have your AC tested!

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Posted by tlangford at 12/22/2018 8:12:00 PM
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