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7 Secrets to Buying a Home You Will Absolutely Love

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The most common tip for getting started with your home search is figuring out how much you can realistically afford which is a great tip, but what else is there? Are there lesser known tips for buying a home that can make a big impact? Yes! From both our experience and that of our real estate agent colleagues, these are the top lesser known secrets for buying a great home you will love.

1. How much home do you really want to take care of?

If you do want that biggest home, do you also want to take care of all of it, year-round? That can be a lot of rooms to vacuum and dust. It can also be a lot of lawn to mow. If mowing is a love of yours, fantastic, mow on! Also, think about the future, will you want to have that much chore time in 5 or 10 years?

2. Don’t Try to Time the Market

You probably have heard terms like “buyer's market” and “seller's market.” The truth is that ANYTIME is a good time to buy. Home prices and rates go in cycles, though they can’t necessarily be predicted. There are always sellers who are motivated for whatever reason to sell. Also, life happens no matter what the market is doing. New members to a family may mean you need more space or a promotion may mean you can finally afford the 'newer' or 'better for you' home. So if you are waiting for the market to be 'just right' before you buy or sell a home, you’ll be waiting a while and probably miss it anyway. There is no way to know until that time has passed!

3. Don’t Buy Solely On Emotion

Too often people make the mistake of falling in love with a home so fast that it fogs their ability to make more logical and rational decisions. They overlook other things that were on their 'must have' list to accomodate for something else. Buy on logic and instinct, and don’t rely too much on emotion. That being said, we do want you to be excited about you home and expect emotion to play a role in the home you select. It just should not be the sole indicator.

4. Meet the Neighbors

Nothing says home actually than having great neighbors! Having dependable people that live nearby that you love to see is awesome! Visit the neighbors on a Saturday morning to get a real feel for what it’s like to live there. Also, consider visiting during various times of the day and night.

5. Understand  Your Boundaries

This really applies if you are buying an older home or something rural. It has happened where the previous owners of the property pushed the legal property lines. probably not intentionally but a bit more space than is actually their land. Rather than discover that you need to move your fence or possibly have to chop your garage because it's extended too far past the property line, get a surveyor to map out the legal property lines. This does not happen very often but with older properties where maure landscaping and memory loss have happened, people have misjudged where the property line is.

6. Make Everyone Happy

You are may be not the only person lliving in this home? You may not be the only person involved in buying it. Be selfless and make sure everyone else is excited about the home. Admittedly, you can't please everyone but you can seek their feedback.

7. Bigger isn’t Always Better

It’s the American dream to own a big home. Lots of Living space and a gigantic yard!  Some home owners measure their success by how big or expensive their home is, and it’s only natural to want the nicest house on the block. But consider this: if you plan on re-selling your home, the best house on the block will appreciate less than the others. Home values are based not only on the individual home but also on the surrounding homes --essentially placing a cap as to how much houses go for in that area.

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