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Staging your home for a timely sale can be simple and easy but will probably require some elbow grease and time.

First, ask your Idaho real estate agent for tips to make you home look more sellable.  Besides, helping you improve the overall impression your home, your real estate agent is in a unique position to know what local home features are in highest demand and what tastes prevail.

The next step is to go through your house room by room clearing out clutter and removing your personal items. Clean your house thoroughly, including carpets, furniture and window coverings.

One great suggestion is if you re-purposed some of the rooms in your house, such as using the dining room as an office, return the room to its original purpose. Keeping the use of a room can make the flow of your home better and not confuse potential buyers which can make it difficult for them to envision living in your home.

If your walls are painted a bold or bright color, consider painting them warm, light. Give your house a neutral color that appeals to home buyers. Those colors encourage home buyers to envision their own personal effects and furniture fitting nicely in your home with minimal work.

We recommend keeping only a few appliances on your counters and maybe a simple arrangement colorful fruit.  Also, replace or refinishing outdated cabinets. This can make a significant difference in how your kitchen appears to buyers. Remember to update cabinet hardware, as well.

If your appliances are old, replace them with new appliances. Generally, home sellers who replace tired kitchen appliances regain their investment completely. Remember to remove drawings, photos and magnets from your refrigerator.

Idaho Custom Home Kitchen

Dining Room
Remove any bold finishings or heavy accessories. Clear out clutter. Replace the accessories with simple, inviting place settings. An uncomplicated centerpiece and updated light fixture can complete the room. Lastly, remove any oversized furniture that might make the room appear small such as a large china hutch.

Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Bedrooms
Remove family photos and personal memoirs. Clear out collections, knickknacks, themed items and anything that makes your rooms appear too personal. Clear out excess furniture, keeping important light fixtures. Warm up the spaces and give them a splash of color with a few plants, a throw blanket and neutral artwork. The more a prospective buyer can see themselves in your house and not you, the better

Idaho Custom Home Living Room

Make every fixture in your bathroom sparkling clean. If tile grout is discolored, re-grout or use a grout de-stainer. Finally, organize your bathroom drawers, since home buyers will undoubtedly open them to get a feel for the storage capacity.

Check In
Once you've cleaned your home, removed personal items and layered in neutral accessories, have a friend walk through your house as if they were prospective buyers. Ask them to give you honest feedback about your home and use that information to maximize your home's appeal.

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