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What you may not know about Kuna Idaho?

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Kuna is a little off the beaten path and does not have any destinations.... yet.

There are several reasons that Kuna is the envy of Ada County.

  1. The Most Affordable area in Ada County
    This is also making it a highly desirable which will lead to more businesses popping up.
    In recent years we have seen a hardware store, grocery store and a "Buy Mart" which is a mini Costco from WinCo. This is probably just the first signs of retail stores and services coming to town.
  2. Birds of Prey National Conservation Area
    Whether you enjoy predatory birds, the desert or just some peace and quiet, this is a fantastic area. Check out Swan Falls and the miles of ATV trails. As part of exploring this area, check out Dedication Point.
  3. Kuna Days
    This annual event is held in the park in downtown Kuna. There are dozens of booths featuirng local art work and goods. There is music in the evening as well.

Other events

  • Snake River Raptor Festival
  • Lavender Festival
  • Hermit Music Festival
  • Idaho Renaissance Festival
    "Supporting the Arts in Education"
    The Idaho Renaissance Faire is a 2 day event being held at the Greenbelt Park in Kuna. They have partnered with the Armored Combat League to provide a weekend of medieval sports and recreation. Recreating the atmosphere of 1490's Travel back in time and witness the creative and inventive moments that started the renaissance period! Proceeds will be donated to the Idaho Arts Charter School, an organization dedicated to the teaching of the arts to our younger generations.
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