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A market research report from Parks Associates, indicates that 25 percent of U.S. households with broadband internet plan to buy a smart video doorbell this year. This would represent a massive jump in the number of homes with smart doorbells! Currently, only 8 percent of homes with broadband have smart doorbells, a slight increase from the 7% in 2017.

Smart doorbell features vary from company to company, but typically include a bell as well as a camera that allows homeowners to see who has come to visit on their smart phone. Most systems also integrate into other smart home technology. These doorbells offer both convenience and safety.  Check out below for some of the features and feedback on this technology.

Ring™ Video Doorbell

Ring represents one of the first smart doorbells available on the market. Since its creation, Ring has put out another, newer model, Ring Video Doorbell Pro. However, the original Ring Video Doorbell still has a lot to offer—from motion sensing capabilities, video recording, two-way audio, and so much more.

Unique Feature: For $30/year, you can store doorbell video footage on the cloud.

Two-Way Audio: Listen and talk to whoever is at your door through this device.

Motion Sensing: Ring Video Doorbell has a 180-degree range of motion to better sense if someone is approaching your home. Once it detects motion, it’ll start recording and send an alert to your iOS or Android phone. It will also allow you to set zones around your home that you would like to have recorded. This adds greater security and accuracy to its motion sensing capabilities.

Live/Cloud Storage Video: You can view the videos in real time or play them back later if you pay $30/year for cloud storage.

Night Vision: See who is at your door even when it’s dark out.

Color Options: Choose between several metallic colors (like bronze, polished brass, nickel, and Venetian brass) to srpruce up the look of your entry way.

Audio: Consumers have noted that the audio quality of these doorbells could use an upgrade, still, many users appreciate the option to install the device wirelessly or through a hard-wired connection.

Lower High Definition: Other models have better definition. The Ring smart doorbell captures 720p video footage.


SkyBell™ HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

The SkyBell Video Doorbell offers a variety of options. You can watch live video anytime, and take a snapshot if you want to. While the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell doesn’t have cloud storage, you can download videos from the device itself. This smart doorbell is tasked with helping to keep you safe, and the company has taken a step above that by guaranteeing replacement if your smart doorbell is stolen.

Unique Feature: Take a snapshot while watching live video.

Works With Nest

On-Demand Viewing: Stream video through the mobile app that’s available for Android and iOS devices.

Motion Sensing: Get regular push notifications when the motion sensor has been triggered or the doorbell has been rung.

No Battery: The SkyBell Video Doorbell is hardwired into your home, so you won’t need to replace batteries or worry about them expiring.

Two-Way Audio: Have actual conversations with your visitors through this smart doorbell.

Free Cloud Recording: Every video is recorded so users can download the videos to watch at a later time. This service is free, while some competitors charge a fee.

Night Vision: See what’s happening even when it’s dark.

High Definition: This smart doorbell records in 1080p HD and has a 5x zoom.

Hardwired: Installing SkyBell tends to be more challenging, since the doorbell can only be hardwired into an existing connection. Homeowners with a digital doorbell will need to purchase an adapter. The SkyBell also won’t work with existing intercom-style doorbell wires. If you don’t have an existing doorbell, you will need a professional to wire one into your home before installing SkyBell.


Vivint© Doorbell Camera™

Vivint is a top home security company with a lot of gadgets to keep you safe. When you buy either the Smart Protect & Control or Smart Complete security package, you can make use of the company’s high-tech doorbell. The way it works is similar to other models, it starts recording video when it senses motion or someone rings the bell. The system permits real-time viewing through the mobile app or your Vivint in-home control panel and also stores clips for later viewing through the company’s Space Monkey local cloud storage device. Like Ring and SkyBell, the Vivint video doorbell also offers two-way audio via Wi-Fi.

Unique Feature: You can only use this smart doorbell with a Vivint smart home monitoring package, but when you do, it offers a bevy of security customizations.

Pairs With Home Automation: When you have a Vivint smart door lock and smart doorbell, you can see who’s visiting your home and let them in remotely.

Professional Installation: You don’t have to worry about the ease of installation because your Vivint representative will install the doorbell as part of your smart home system.

Cloud Storage: Keep all of your video footage safely stored on the cloud.

Live Streaming: Watch what’s happening outside your door day or night.

Two-Way Audio: Converse with your guests through Vivint’s smart doorbell.

Must Buy Monitoring Package: Unlike Ring or SkyBell, Vivint’s video doorbell only works with a Vivint smart home monitoring package. This will cost you extra in equipment and monthly fees.


August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Camera was praised by Fortune Magazine as the “Best Doorbell.” Considering the fact that it offers motion sensing alerts, video recording options, On-Demand viewing, and more, we agree that it’s high on the list. The installation of the August Doorbell Camera is a little more intensive and requires mounting brackets and a drill, but it will be worth the effort for the additional security it will add to your home.

Unique Feature: August’s doorbell was endorsed by Fortune Magazine.

Motion Sensing: This new update will be available on the August Doorbell app “soon” (as of June 2016). When the device senses motion, it will send an update directly to your smartphone.

Records Video: This doorbell saves footage, so you can watch recordings later if you miss a live video.

Live Streaming: Watch live video from the app at any time.

Home Automation Compatible: This connects with the August Smart Lock, so you can lock and unlock your door depending on who’s knocking.

Two-Way Audio: Talk to whoever is at your door or listen in to what is happening.


Zmodo Greet

Monitor your home and who comes and goes with the Zmodo Greet. When motion is detected, you’ll receive a notification through the app. When someone rings the doorbell, your phone will ring to let you know. Choose whether you’d like to watch live footage, record footage on the 8GB memory card, or upload video to the cloud for later use. The Zmodo Greet is about $50 cheaper than similar models and offers just as much.

Unique Feature: Store footage on the cloud without an additional monthly fee

Most Affordable: Of all the smart doorbells on our list, this is the cheapest, costing $150.

Easy Set-Up: Hardwire this smart doorbell into your existing doorbell. Then simply connect to Wi-Fi and let the doorbell do the rest.

Self/Cloud Storage: Save video on the 8GB internal memory card or upload it to the cloud.

Call Alerts: When someone rings your doorbell, you’ll receive a call. Some find this annoying, rather than receiving a typical push notification.

Motion Detection: Get a push notification when your doorbell detects motion.

Night Vision: See what’s happening no matter the time of day.

Lower Definition: The Zmodo Greet has 720p resolution, so it’s not bad, but others have higher definition.

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