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Selecting a great Real Estate Agent, with extensive experience, proven negotiating skills and excellent marketing is only part of the equation for success in selling your home for top dollar. Here are a few simple and affordable tricks and tips for showing preparation to sell your home.

Prepare to show your home publicly

First Impressions Last and Are Unforgiving

Make sure the exterior of your home looks clean and well cared for. This includes making sure flower beds & the lawn look clean and free of debris or over-growth. If you’re selling in the Spring through Fall, you’ll want to make sure your grass is green and well-manicured, including edging. Spray the exterior of the house to free it of dust. Make sure your front door is in good shape and opens easily. When showing your home, this is the first thing your prospective buyer will see.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Take the time to clean windows, floors, and all surfaces, Your home must look, not only clean but, 'white glove' clean. This is imperative to get the most money for your home. A less-than-sparkling clean house may be a reason for the buyer to offer a lower price. Remember to get carpets cleaned or replaced if they’re in poor shape. Pack up all extra clutter; pet’s and kid’s toys, and anything else that doesn’t serve a purpose for the remainder of your showings. This is also a great psychological impression as it looks like you are moving out.

What’s That Dripping?

Fix every leak! Dripping faucets, spickets and shower heads need to be repaired. This is another way for buyers to negotiate the price and really, would you want to move into a house that obviously needs repairs? It makes buyers wonder what else could be wrong.  You don’t give the buyers the impression that the home has been neglected.

Schedule the Handyman

           It is best to fix anything that doesn’t function properly before showings. This especially applies to major systems like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, doors, and windows. While you have the handyman at your home, have them also fix any loose doorknobs, missing trim, visible holes in the walls larger than a pinhole, worn caulking in bathrooms, and anything else that isn’t in proper working condition.  

Clutter is Catastrophic

Few people live the way they show their home. Most of us have that one surface where we dump everything the moment we walk into our house. We all have areas of clutter or catch-alls where we store our extra stuff or display our souvenirs. Minimizing the number of items that are on all visible surfaces (i.e. kitchen counters, bathroom counters, mantles, etc.) allows propsective buyers to visualize the actual home and not your personal items.  Organize your closets and remove unnecessary items to allow prospective buyers to see the functionaility and space.  Remember, less is more. Box up your trinkets, your Bosch mixer, and other appliances in order to show off your kitchen countertops. Clutter is distracting and you want buyers to focus on your fabulous spacious home, not the awesome trinkets you bought on your last vacation and will be taking with you. 

Clean Bright Bathroom

Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes. Keep toilet lids down and most toiletry products out of sight. Also, minimize air fresheners.  Although they smell wonderful, too many air frewsheners can give buyers the impression that you’re trying to cover up a bad smell. Even if your bathroom is outdated, there are plenty of ways to spruce it up.

Light it Up

 Illumination is a welcome sign. This is one of the most important showing preparations! Turn on all of your lights – every lamp and every switch. Open up blinds and allow all the natural light to flood in and brighten the spaces. People want to actually see what they’re buying and this makes the house feel bright and cheery.

Following these tips will help you achieve the best results when selling your home. Every Seller wants top dollar, and every seller would prefer to bank their profits as quickly as possible after they decide to sell.

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