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What can you learn from the mistakes of other home buyers?

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Buying a home is a major decision; whether is it your first, an investment or a vacation home. It is one of the largest financial decisions you may ever make. You will spend vast amounts of time in your home and it beomes the place your return to every day, so be sure to avoid some of theses common buying mistakes.

Buying a home without researching the area

Have you done your homework on where you want to live? Explore the areas of interest for their affordability and livability, including economy, parks, school districts, and crime rates. Don’t overlook the school district even if you don’t have children in school. It can be very important for appreciation and resale value.

Buying a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Sometimes people get so caught up in the feeling of the house they forget to consider how the house will work for them. Think of the things you do regularly. Do you need a big yard for playing or entertaining friends and family? Would you prefer not to do much yard work or need a lot of space for gardening? Do you need the privacy of a closed kitchen or the flow of an open floor plan? There are many factors that go into deciding what that perfect home will look like for you.

Buying a home you can’t afford.

This seems like common-sense, but it does happens. Sometimes people are banking on the future in anticipation of a raise or bonus or buying now for what they will want/ need in the future.

You need to look at more than just the asking price when deciding whether you can afford the home. Consider utility costs, homeowner association dues, taxes, insurance and regular maintenance of the property. If the home is older, will it have some serious upkeep costs in the near future? Working with a reputable agent and mortgage broker can assist you in navigating these vital decisions.

Buying a home based on your gut feeling

Do Not forego home inspections unless you are an expert in the home construction field. Even then, it is advised to get a third party to do a complete, non-biased inspection. It is not that sellers are trying to hide things from buyers when filling out disclosures; they just may not know there is an issue. A home inspection will let you know if there are any large ticket items that will need repaired or replaced as well as any safety issues that should be addressed.

Not working with an Idaho Realtor®.

You may have driven by a For Sale By Owner property that looks appealing and wanted to contact the seller directly. You may feel that working with the home owner or listing agent directly will save you money. This is not true! The listing agent is working on behalf of the seller, trying to get them the most money possible for the seller. Their obligation is to their client, not you, and it is their fiduciary duty to take care of their client. Buyers can hire a real estate agent to work on their behalf and the seller pays the real estate commission. Work with someone who will put your best interest first! Most For Sale By Owners will work with local agents.

Our days are filled with working with buyers and sellers, learning the local market and trends in the Boise area. Allow us to use our expertise to help you make a decision that will be right for you now and in the near future! Get Started With Us.

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