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Boise is radically different from other similar sized cities, and yet, there are also many similarities to what one would expect of a larger population.

Some of our favorite things that make Boise stand out from other metros:

  1. Getting around town is pretty easy and even in peak traffic hours it is only about 40 minutes on average to drive from one end of the valley to the other.
  2. People are friendly. We look at you and greet you with a "Hello" or a wave, whether we know you or not.
  3. We have amazing weather! We get to experience all four seasons, witha healthy dose of sunny days. This is probably one of the reasons we are such a happy and friendly bunch. Grab your bike and keep up with us!
  4. Name just about any type of activity and we probably have it. Heck, you can even surf! Or, if you prefer, go fishing for a dinosaur called a sturgeon.
  5. Every major intersection is 1 mile apart. When the city was first designed, someone was smart enough to make the roads straight and have a grid layout that makes sense.

Some similiarities that you might expect of a thriving metro:

  1. We are large enough that we have most of the retail and restaurant chains and box stores including Costco, Macy's and even Cabella's.
  2. We have a commuter bus system. It is not expansive yet, and as the population grows it is becoming more comprehenisve.
  3. We have a Ruths Chris in Downtown Boise at the top of the Zions Bank Building, along with an ecletic array of eateries, food trucks and restaurants.
  4. We have all kinds of music festivals and our live music scene is constantly expanding.
  5. Our nightlife is fun and colorful, with bars, galleries and event centers.

And lastly, we have the Blue Turf for BSU Footballl!

Check out our page of things to do in Boise!


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