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5 Things that make a house seem truly Awesome!

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Ever walk out of a house and thought "That home was awesome" but not sure why? Here are some tips to making your next new home seem better than everyone else's!

Presentation and Perspective are everything when creating something to share and it is just as true for designing a home. Here are some ideas you can use to make a home really 'Pop!'

Get a Big Door

First impressions are important and nothing says luxury better then someone walking up to your house and seeing that your door is much wider than average! It makes a statement about the house and you! Plus it is intimidating yet inviting, begging the question what's inside?

Wide Front Door

This also makes it easier to get new things in the house like a couch or refrigerator. You won't have to unscrew the legs or take off the refrigerator door to get it in.

Hardware also really makes for a great door so make sure you get a door handle and the deadbolt that are powerful and masculine. Trending more now adays are windows on the front door as well. Great way to let more natural light in. You may want to think about getting glass that visitors cannot look through for privacy.

Wide Front Door

Turn the Master Bath into a Spa

The master bath can be more than just that. Make it a retreat. Add a rainforest shower head or even multiple shower heads.


Design a beautiful and functional shampoo and body wash niche.

Don't forget a soaker tub! Great space to think more elegant and feminine.

Also, glass shower doors are trending. They create a spa look and make the space feel larger and open.

Design the Garage to be OverSized

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get in and out of a garage that you barely fit into. Extend the width so you have space for enjoying the garage. This is where much of your stuff ends up and not having a system for storage or parking bikes and such is frustrating. Design enough space front and back to pull your cars easily into and then space to walk in front of and behind. It is also nice to have extra space on the sides.

Lastly, if you spend a lot of time in the garage (and even if you do not) plan for plenty of outlets and even cable TV and internet outlets.

Tall Ceilings

One easy solution to making fewer square feet seem like more is to make the ceiling higher. Most homes come with 8 foot ceilings but wait till you see what at least 9 foot can do to the home. The added height can really increase the way it feels; more voluminous. Additionally, make the Great Room greater with 12 to 20 foot ceilings and big windows that scale to the top!

Idhao Great Room

Ceiling Decor

The details make all the difference so don't forget to look up! Thre are so many ideas from trim to wooden beams.

Many Home Builders will simply make the ceiling have a drop down or raised area in the ceiling and add lights. Also known as a cofford ceiling.

The Boise 2019 Parade Spring Parade of Homes opens the first week of May and is a great way to learn more about the latest in design and see what local builders are doing.

Build Idaho also has close relationships with several design companies in town and glad to help you in designing your custom home with one of the area's top custom home builders in 2019.

As a final suggestion, lighting is a great finishing touch! Having lots of light makes a home feel friendly and inviting. Great lighting fixtures also add more style and personality to your house!

Posted by tlangford at 1/15/2019 7:59:00 PM

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