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3 Reasons People Move to Idaho to Retire

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Idaho has quickly become recognized as a great place to retire and many people are scratching their heads wondering why. I can tell you that over the years, we have received hundreds, if not thousands, of calls from people beyond Idaho and there are three things that I have found they have in common.

1. They have been coming for years and just fell in love with Boise and Idaho.
2. They probably have friends and family already here
3. They are either retiring soon or preparing for when they do retire

Why Boise and Idaho?

1. We are not Crazy!
We have our share of crazy, don't get me wrong, but Boise is a place you can feel safe. Walk around downtown at any time and you won't feel like you need to look over your shoulder.  You can also expect strangers to look you in the eye and say hello as you walk around. Many people recognize and love the fact that we say hello to strangers all the time and wherever we go. So many people come to Idaho from a place where people are doing their own thing and do not want to be bothered.

2. Money
Let's face it, if Boise was not better money spent, people would be leaving. Taxes are favorable here on all kinds of levels: sales tax, income tax, tax on automobiles and so on. You should talk to your financial advisor but many people are leaving places that have become unafforable for a better more affordable quality of life here.

3. You should not retire to become an old fuddy duddy
Boise has gotten big enough that we not only have the annual small town festivals and other events but also headliners are now making Boise part of their tour. Everything from comedians to music stars to national touring ballet shows. We brag all the time about our outdoors from the mountains to the desert and four seasons of fun. There are also all kinds of museums, shopping, family fun arcade venues and even hobby clubs.

Boise is not for everyone. I have had people come and just were not turned on by what they saw. That is okay, you should go where you will be happiest. I came to Idaho 30 years ago from Kentucky and loved it! I spent several summers in Montana guiding horses, worked at a ski resort in Wyoming before moving to Stanley then Riggins to then find Boise. My family is constantly going places where cell phones do not work and love it here! You may to. I would be happy to show you around!If you are looking at retiring and considering Boise, give us a call! If you know you are moving here, let's get started.

Trey Langford, Build Idaho
Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 1/17/2019 8:56:00 PM

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