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Renovating or Remodeling is a a big undertaking and when it comes to the bathroom the stakes are high. You need a space that is hyper-functional, beautiful and practical. There are a million decisions to be made from mirror to grout to the price tag. Here is what you need to know before you begin.

Some good advice for remodeling your bathroom

  1. Get on the same page as your Idaho General Contractor
    After you have vetted your contractor through referrals, talking to their past clients, and interivews they need to be able to verbally explain to you what you want. They need to be clear about what you want to accomplish, your style and your budget. Now they can get you a comprehensive estimate of what it will cost. Don't be surprised when the estimate is not the same as the actual cost. Many times there are surprises or changes that occur. As I like to say, "It is all good on paper."

  2. What does it really cost?
    Now is a good time to get real about the reality of costs. Thinking you can remodel your bathroom for a couple thousand dollars is not reality. The average cost of a bathroom remodel was $11,364 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). A basic, low-grade renovation with less expensive materials or smaller upgrades may cost $1,500 to $5,000 but a full renovation can easily run up to $20,000.

    NKBA estimates that most of this cost comes from fixtures and plumbing (about 29%), followed by counters and surfaces (21%), labor (20%), and cabinetry and hardware (16%).

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    As a rule, your bathroom project should cost no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. If it is more, there may not be any Return on Investment which could mean you should consider moving?

  3. Re-Think the Bathtub
    You may be dreaming about a dramatic freestanding bathtub to turn your bathroom into a spa. First, do you have a large hot water tank or instant hot water heater? You should also consider if you hate cleaning, have an old rickety house or tend to take long showers? Lastly, freestanding tubs take up a lot of space.

    Custom Home Master Bath Tub

  4. Great Light Requires Great Planning
    Don’t just install a few lights and call it a day. Nor should you run to a box store for ideas. Take the time to read the latest in interior design trends, scope out Pinterest or visit a local high end retail store like Fergusons in Meridian for ideas, even if it is out of your budget. You can get some great ideas that may inspire you. Bathrooms are sometimes small and/or dark and filled with mirrors, which complicates how light bounces around, so be thoughtful about lighting placement. The simplest way to light a bath is a single diffuse light in the center of the ceiling. Have a bathroom that’s already pretty bright? A pair of wall sconces would be beautiful touch. Place downlights with care to avoid direct over lit countertops. And if you spend a lot of time applying makeup, consider vertical fluorescent light fixtures on either side of the mirror.

    Lighting in Custom Master Bath

  5. Well Positioned Outlets
    Don’t get to the end of a renovation and realize you forgot the outlets? You also need to have enough power to handle the load for all your accesories like a hairdryer, curling iron and electric toothbrush charging at all times.

    Fireplace in Master Bath

  6. Tile Selections
    Don't let the contractor bring you countless stacks of tile samples; you need only remember a few key varieties. The types of tile that are particularly hardy, long-wearing, and timeless in the bathroom including shower stalls, floors, walls and backsplashes are: glass, porcelain, cement and natural stone. The options become a lot simpler once you whittle down to these time-tested options; then choose a color and a shape and go from there.

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  7. Grout can make or break your bathroom
    Grout may be an afterthought in the scheme of your whole renovation as it is small; however, it’s hugely important. Grout seals out dirt and water, compensates for small size inconsistencies between individual tiles, and firms up the structural integrity of the wall or floor.

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    How to choose the right grout for your bath?
    Do you want the grout to stand out or blend into the tile? Is the grout in a high splash zone, or a fairly dry place? Opt for synthetic grout if it is a wet area. Will dirty grout drive you crazy? If so, avoid white.

  8. Compact Toilets for Small Spaces
    Toilets are not one size fits all: if you have a small space, consider a petite toilet

  9. Don’t let storage become a post design problem
    So much of creating a bathroom that feels both serene and well-functioning comes down to use of space including good storage. Take advantage of storage opportunities, even small ones, when drawing up your plans to make them feel integrated and not added-on. Place a couple of tall shallow cabinets hidden in a stud bay. You don’t need deep shelf storage; a shallow shelf can store a lot. Also, a recess in the shower to try and integrate towel bars to feel built in.

  10. Remodel or Move?
    Sometimes it makes more financial sense to remodel other times it may be that you should move. Other times it is not about the money and either sentimental value for whatever reason drives your decision. Either way, make your house comfortable or find one that is already that way.

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