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Hiring an agent to do a job on the most expensive purchase most will ever have should be taken very seriously. You want to hire someone who is going to do the best job for you.

Here are the three qualifications to remember when you are hiring a Realtor

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Will they do the job?
  3. Are they a good fit for you?

Seems simple and you can make it as complicated as you would like.

#1. Can they do the job?
Are they full time? Do they know the in's and out's of real estate and responsibilities of being an agent? Do they present themselves as a professional?

One of the major differences between agents is real estate experience. That being said, no one agent knows everything. Any agent doing any sort of business realizes that new circumstances will arise and the industry is always evolving. What you need is someone who connected so they can find out the answers they neeed.

#2. Will they do the job?
Seems like a silly question but it is not. Sometimes people are lazy or too busy to give you the time you need and deserve. You may be working with a less experienced agent who is very aggressive and determined. They may have big goals in their career or the drive to be one of the elite. Either way, if you work with any agent who wants to provide great service, you are doing well. Believe it or not some folks get focused on money and commissions and this can become a problem if someone is not taking care of loose ends and making sure you get to the closing table. There are hoops that must be jumped through and deadlines that must be met.

#3. Are they a good fit for you?
We all have our own perspectives, expectations and vibe. At the end of the day, you want someone you can relate to. Someone that understands you. You need to be able to trust them with confidential information  and able to talk when you need them. This is no time for excuses!

In 2018, the Build Idaho/ Full Sail Real Estate Team together closed over 200 transactions. We operate as a team because we know that together we are stronger and that it is really more work than a single agent can do alone and master each component well from writing a transaction to scheduling everything, meeting deadlines and getting to the closing table which is the result of a job well done. Our team is working at the front lines as well as behind the scenes everyday to make sure our clients have a great experience!

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