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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell, Without Breaking the Bank

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There are so many things you can start doing now to get your home ready to sell. Here are some are simple ideas that are simple and affordable.

The basic concept of selling your home is to make it look as good as possible. This includes everything from a deep clean to simple repairs.

Step One, clean every inch of your home!

Now is the time to get into those nooks and crannies. Finding those hard to reach places and even areas that are not visible unless you have to. Start deep cleaning now and keep on top of your house until it is sold. Put extra time into the kitchen and family room, these rooms will actually sell the house.

Don't overlook anything. For example, fan blades. You probably don't clean these often enough but they can collect a lot of dust. People will be flipping on light and fan switches as they look at your house and this is not the time to have dust bunnies jump out at guests? You want the house to look nearly new. We don't was  people are thinking "What kind of mess are they going to leave me with when we get the keys?"

Window cills, behind and underneath sinks, exposed flat area above your head, picture frames, throw rugs and all those things you have avoided cleaning. You want people walking through your home to be impressed with your home, not finding reasons to NOT make a full price offer. Showing people that you have taken care of your home will help your bottom line, big time. We can't emphasize enough the importance of cleaning and having a clean home for guests to see.

Realtors often encourage having the carpets cleaned. If you are working at cleaning steadily, you can try doing it yourself but try finding a commercial grade cleaning system. Locally, Don Aslets has stronger equiptment that you can rent at an Albertsons or WalMart.

Step Two, Start Moving Out NOW.

Nothing says that you want to sell and are ready to move out like a garage that has many labeled boxes. This is also a great way to start de-personalizing and de-cluttering the entire house, not just one or two rooms. Also, if you start now and asking friends for boxes, you will be saving money and getting ahead when it is crunch time on moving out, especially if you are doing it alone.

Tighten Up Screws, Fix things and figure what needs to be replaced

Room by room enure all the screws are tight. Check hinges on doors and make sure they don't squeek and should close easily, WD40 or oil will help with creaking doors. Replace light bulbs and consider increasing wattages so rooms are well lit.

Patch those indents and holes in the walls. Do not forget to check the garage. If you are painting, remove nails!

Remember, the buyer will probably request a home inspection and the fewer hidden issues and repairs that professional finds, the better. There is most always something on the inspection but if you can minimize repairs now, it will help you in negotiating the final price or how much you need to spend to fix it as part of the contigencies .

You don't necessarily have to spend big bucks on major items. Sometimes you can sell the house as is, knowing there are items that need attention. If the carpet is beyond just steam cleaning, consider a price with a carpet allowance. This may actually save you money overall. If the next home owner sees that you purchased new carpet they may be thankful unless they would be more interested in doing some remodeling and selecting their own. If they realize it needs to be replaced an alowance, may entice them as now it will not necessarily cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars to have it again replaced. Does that make sense?

An hour a day keeps the maintenance man away.

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Trey Langford, Idaho Real Estate Agent
Trey Langford


Posted by tlangford at 2/17/2019 5:51:00 AM

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