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What the Changing Boise Real Estate Market Means To You - February 2019 Market Insights

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2018 Home Sales started out strong but what about 2019. What does the market look like this year?

There are lots of reports about home values and many experts say the market has softened or at least flattened. Some Realtors are feeling the pinch  as more people are getting licensed to become Idaho Real Estate Agents, which means fewer sales per agent. Additionally, it is true in Boise as well as most other cities with real estate agents, the top 10% of agents locally do most of the sales.

Here are two interesting real estate market insights that we have seen recently.

In December, we noticed that many houses listed for sale were not getting multiple offers, fast forward to today and again we are starting to see the spring selling and buying season off to a strong start. Recently there were several homes that we were following that had multiple offers.

Also, about two weeks ago I had clients looking at a $960k home in Eagle. The home was admittedly amazing and it was the right home for my client. Interestingly enough on day 12 the seller was expecting 4 offers!! 4 Offers on a nearly Milllion dollar home in Boise in January, that is not something this market would call 'the norm.' Also a sign of how strong and appealing Boise is to out of state buyers!

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Many people want to wait until spring to put their home on the market. They believe this is the best time to get the highest offers. While there is a lot of activity in the spring, it also means that you are in there as well fighting for your next home. Competing against multiple offers and trying to make your offer as appealing as other cash offers. I have heard of buyers making as many as a dozen offers before either winning or giving up?

Now is a great time to consider buying and selling. The market is super strong. We are talking to new buyers registering on our website daily and yes, mostly out of state buyers. One of the concerns many people have is if they sell their home will they be able to find something or will they end up homeless? A great Realtor can help you understand how to navigate selling your home so this does not happen. It is a matter of strategic selling and negotiating on the home you want to buy. No agent, wants a client to be homeless either!

Finally, my client made the highest offer they were comfortable making on the home and decided if someone wanted to outbid them, they could have it. Our offer was over asking price and we did not get the offer accepted. It was great to work with someone who was not so emotionally engaged with the home that they start making crazy decisions!

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Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 2/17/2019 8:18:00 PM

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