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Boise Idaho Luxury Home Market Heats Up!

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Last year 92 homes over $1M sold in the Boise area and this year looks to be even hotter!

Luxury Homes in Idaho

Recently, The Full Sail + Build Idaho Real Estate Team had a client who was interested in a home priced at $960k and on the 12th day the seller was expecting 4 offers. That says not only a lot about that particular home, which yes, was stunning on all kinds of levels, but also the number of buyers in the market place searching at that price level.

Eagle Idaho Luxury Homes

What is driving the Idaho Luxury Home Market? Out of state buyers! That being said there are a number of employers locally with high powered executive jobs like T-Sheets and Micron. Technology is allowing a number of people to telecommute. Boise to these people is awesome. They can choose to live anywhere and they chose Boise. Not only do they have a higher quality of life but it is also much cheaper than a California (Silicon Valley), Seattle or Portland which is where a lot of people tend to be from. 

One of my favorite communities for Luxury Homes is Moon Lake Ranch off State Street in Eagle, west of Linder. Also, just off of Linder is Three Rivers Ranch but there are only two homes in it, both on private lakes. I have had the chance one time to get a private tour by the developer, an amazing place!

Take a look at Million Dollar Homes sold in Boise, including Eagle and Meridian over the past 13 years:

  • 2005- 22 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2006- 39 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2007- 30 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2008- 27 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2009-  7  Million Dollar Homes
  • 2010-   1 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2011-   5 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2012- 12 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2013- 17 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2014- 17 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2015- 25 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2016- 38 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2017- 61 Million Dollar Homes
  • 2018- 92 Million Dollar Homes

Eagle Idaho Luxury Home for Sale

So far, as of this post, 12 homes over One Million Dollars have sold already in 2019. One was $3.4M. That home was on an acre and was $341 per SqFt. That is far above average for the area, but I am certain the home was far above average as well.

Are you looking for a Million Dollar Home? Check out Luxury Homes for Sale in the area including resort areas like McCall, SunValley and Tamarack.


Trey Langford, Luxury Real Estate Agent

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