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Where should I live near Boise? So many choices and you can only choose one.

Location is something we blog about regularly. Boise has become a popular destination for people looking for a great place to call home and it always circles back to lifestyle.

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Treasure Valley is a fairly wide area spanning from Mountain Home to Payette, ID along Interstate 84. The land in between vairesthat area vast differences in the land: desert, foothills, rivers, canyons, mountains, ravines and more.

If you are looking at the heart of Treasure Valley, that would be Boise. Here you can find more to do and enjoy everything that this part has to offer including culture, semi-professional sports, education, outdoors, theater, kids clubs, adult clubs and all kinds of festivals and fairs.

Each area around Boise has it's own vibe.

The North End is Boise's historic gem and definitely has the most distinctive vibe. This is primarily due to its location and history. One thing that also creates a unique setting is the homes around downtown.  Between the distinctive styles and culture, everyone loves this area. There is a strong sense of community and pride. Everyone loves where the live and all that is includsive of it including Boise River and Foothills.

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Northeast Boise, in my opinion, is the 2nd most recognized area for the Boise Lifestyle. It is also in the middle of Foothills and the river, just away from downtown. Both areas offer million dollar homes and more affordable homes are getting harder to find.

Northwest Boise runs along the foothills following State Street and Hill Rd. Not long ago, this was considered the country but the highly desirable area is seeing a lot of fields being subdivided and turned into infill properties. Today residents enjoy a lot with their proximty to Downtown Boise, Boise River, Foothills, Eagle and all the new shops and restaurnats along State Street.

There are many more areas and each has their own vibe and things to do. Eagle and Meridian are popular area but many want to live off the beaten path in places that offer more of the country living.

Whatever brings you to Boise or whatever you are looking for, you can find. The only thing that you won't find is lakefront property unless you are looking north at Cascade or McCall. Locally there are a number of lakes- CJ Strike, Owyhee, Lucky Peak and Anderson.

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