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Why are Californians moving to Idaho?

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Thousands now have made the transformation from Palm Trees to Potatoes and wonder why they waited!

About 10 years ago, I would get phone calls from people utilizing BuildIdaho.com to ask questions about real estate. Back then, before I was a Realtor here in Boise, I would ask them where they were from and why are they moving. It was prodominently people in California looking to get out. Today, that is still true but the tone of their answers has changed dramatically, not for the better. People love that state for endless reasons but the reason they are moving to Idaho is because it is a place that makes more sense from the people to the politics.

Three Things many people we meet have in common

Every day the phone rings and it is someone from California asking questions. As I have gotten to know people, I have found three things that people have in common.

  1. They have been here before
    People come to Boise for any number of reasons from work to travel to visiting someone that already lives here. Unbelievable how strong a first impression our state makes on people. One thing I commonly hear is that they have been coming here for years and fell in love with it. Very interesting, right? They come to visit family and found that they were really enjoying themselves and loving how it feels here as a resident.
  2. They have family that are already here
    From grandchildren to siblings, a lot of people are following someone that is already here. Referring to #1, they came to visit a relative and enjoyed their experiences. I can tell you my mom loves Idaho. She is not moving here, but when she some we show here all the best places to explore. She has seen everything from the Tetons to Shoshone Falls to the Sawtooth Mountains to the salmon River and jet boated the Snake River. Anyone who has experiences like that is sure to fall in love with the area. My mom loves Idaho!
  3. They are coming here to retire
    We see a lot of people who want to downsize and take advantage of the cost savings of living in Boise from taxes to power, even to trips to Walmart are less expensive. Did you know that many properties are on canal water and pay a yearly fee, normally under 100 bucks for endless water from April to October to water lawns and wash cars?

One of the challenges Idahoans have faced is that many people find not only is living here less expensive but they can afford a lot more home. This "ability to buy more home" and the constant flow of out of state buyers (supply and demand)  has created an affordability issue for many locals.

Check out how the density between the states differ

  • Population of Idaho- 1,716,943
  • Population of California- 39,536,653

Now, check out the size of Idaho compared to California:

  • Idaho- 216,443 km2
  • California- 423,967 km2

So some quick math. California has 23 times more people but is less than twice as big. So there is a lot more space here to enjoy per person. We also have four seasons and 63% of the state is public lands. One of the comments that we take for granted is that we are so happy and friendly. To follow that, here is a short client story: A father's primary motivation for moving was so that his son could make friends. He lived in a place where people came home and closed the garage door to never be seen again. The first night, they were moving in, his son was out front as all kinds of kids came by to meet the new neighbors and he made several new friends and played for hours. His joy was oozing from every pour.

Here is what you need to know about Boise, Idaho

It is a great place that has everything one needs and most of what you would expect. Sorry, no "In and Out Burger" yet. We have all the major box stores you are already familiar with and the ones we don't are probably planning their expansion into the area already. Most people are moving here for the lifestyle and the cost of living is just a great benefit. That being said, you won't find the same salary opportunities here if you are coming and need to find a job. If you have a job that you can telecommute, you might want to check out just how much more you will make/ save by making Treasure Valley your headquarters.

Are you Planning to Relocate to Boise?

If you are planning to re-locate let us help! Would you like to learn more about buying a home in Boise? Let our team of experienced and successful agents who offer a great client experience take care of you. We live here, tour homes all the time, and know a bunch of Californians now. Some of them are probably your friends.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 4/2/2019 7:15:00 AM

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